Invitation to support the world’s most empowering shopping bag!

Invitation to support the world’s most empowering shopping bag!

In 2017 India banned the use of plastic shopping bags and with that ban, a remarkable opportunity came about for secret projects.  

Across India, there are countless women who are experienced sewers and Secret Projects saw that this ban would provide these women with a great opportunity to not only earn an income but also develop their business skills by producing Secret Projects foldable shopping bag – The Secret Shopping Bag. The timing was perfect! 

They immediately began training 5 of their Maker Groups how to produce the shopping bag and following a highly successful period of sales; they are now in the process of working with 4 further Maker Groups to produce the bags. 

The bags are made from high-quality cotton fabric in over 30 unique designs, from block prints to a plain and patterned denim range and have proved popular not only internationally but also to the local Indian market. This latter market provided Secret Projects and their Maker Groups with yet another opportunity. Their Maker Groups are very keen to build sales in and around their local communities, selling the Secret Shopping Bag to local shop owners, as well as individuals. They are working with their Maker Groups to empower each member to drive their own sales, gain orders and even set up their own businesses through Secret Projects Sales Training Workshops.

They believe in supporting each of the women in their Makers Groups for as long as they want us to. Their training provides the women with the tools to take their skills forward to generate an income to support them and their families. They provide back-up and advice should the women need it as they begin their journeys, which adds an additional layer of support to their lives.

Spreading the story of the Secret Shopping Bag brings new sales and new sales bring more income to their Makers Groups. Continually growing to further empower women throughout India.
The Secret Shopping Bag can be ordered through their website at

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