How To Find Like Minded Slots Enthusiasts From Round The World

How To Find Like Minded Slots Enthusiasts From Round The World

How To Find Like Minded Slots Enthusiasts From Round The World – We live in a world where offline casinos dedicate a whole floor to slot machines, and online casinos offer thousands of slots which make up 80% of their game collection. This shows how much players love playing slots. If you are one of the slots enthusiasts and are on a quest to find like-minded players then you have come to the right page. Here we have discussed ways to find slot enthusiasts in both online and offline worlds.

Join A Slots Forum

The best way to find like minded slots enthusiasts from around the world is by joining an online slots forum. The best part about these forums is their exclusivity. You will only find people discussing slots and no other casino games. The rules of these forums are set in stone, and you can only talk about slots.

When you join an online slots forum, you can participate in any ongoing discussion and contribute your expertise. If you are in doubt, you can start a thread where others will provide their opinion. Joining forums is the best way to get reviews about slots you want to play. These reviews will come from actual players who have invested time and money in the game.

Be A Part of the Group

Offline casinos have a whole floor dedicated to slot machines. They offer new video slots and retro slot machines for players. These casinos often have slots for clubs and gatherings. You can visit these brick-and-mortar casinos and observe the floor to find the clubs. You can directly approach them and show your interest in joining them.

After joining an offline slots club or group, you must attend their weekly or monthly gathering. You can play as a group and compete with each other to see who wins the most in a day. If you find that the club or the group is not fit for you, then you can find other groups in the same casino or somewhere else.

Follow A Casino Streamer

Streaming websites like Twitch and YouTube are in their golden years as more and more people sign up as streamers. One particular kind of streamer is very interesting and helpful for finding like-minded slots enthusiasts. These kinds of streamers are called casino streamers.

Casino streamers are also of two types: the first is brick-and-mortar casino streamers, and the second is online casino streamers. These streamers go live and showcase their casino games to the world. By following casino streamers, you will be able to find genuine reviews for slots that you have never tried before.

Interestingly enough, if you go to the comment section of these live streamers or their videos, you will find hundreds of people who are fans of playing slots! You can simply start a chat with them in the comment section and share your views.

You can also connect with the people who comment on these videos to form your own group. Some casino streamers who specifically livestream slots have their own group on YouTube. You can join these groups to find like-minded slots enthusiasts.

Find Slots Enthusiasts on Review Websites

Have you ever visited a slot review website before playing the slot? If you have, then you must have seen people commenting on how they love or hate the game. These people also like slots, which is why they express their thoughts on the review websites so the next person who wishes to play knows beforehand what to expect.

You can add these people to your friend list as like-minded slot enthusiasts. You can then connect with them, discuss your slot preference, and see if it matches theirs. This is one way to connect with people who like slots.

Attend Slot Events or Conventions

To find like-minded slot enthusiasts, you can visit slot events or conventions. Many brick-and-mortar casinos organise events to launch new slots. You can buy passes to these events and meet new people who love slots as much as you do.

With these like-minded friends, you will be able to bond and share stories of your experiences with different online and offline slot machines. You can even form your group to discuss slots and play together.


To find like-minded people who love slots as much as you do, join a forum or offline groups/clubs. You can also go to slot conventions to meet people who like slots. If you are more of an online person, the best way to meet slot enthusiasts is to visit review websites for slots or follow a casino streamer and join their group.

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