What the CLOCK is going on?!!

What the CLOCK is going on?!! – In the UK the clocks go forward 1 hour at 1 am on the last Sunday in March. This may rob us of an hour’s sleep because we have skipped an hour of time. but, on the flip side, will provide us with lighter evenings and align the UK with clocks on the continent.

Most digital devices will automatically update but it’s important to prepare if you use any devices that aren’t connected to the internet or use a traditional alarm clock to wake up in the morning. 

We look at six things that will benefit you from daylight saving time.

1. It’s officially British Summer Time

It might not always be sunny or hot, but when the clocks go forward, our time zone changes from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to BST (British Summer Time). 

2. It’s lighter for longer

One of the biggest benefits of ‘springing forward’ is that we have lighter evenings. 

3. It’s good for your health

More daylight means more sunlight. Our body produces Vitamin D naturally when exposed to direct sunlight. It is a vital vitamin required for having healthy teeth and bones, it helps us remain healthy and fight diseases as well as facilitates immune system function and regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorous.

Without enough vitamin D, we can feel lethargic, weak and even depressed. Your body only needs 10 minutes of midday sun (without sunscreen) to produce enough for the day.

4. You’ll naturally wake up

Waking up in the dark winter is hard going because our bodies don’t think it’s morning yet. Your circadian rhythm, or ‘body clock’, can be easily manipulated by natural light. Exposure to bright natural light via the sun tells your body that it’s daytime, which signals your brain to stop producing melatonin, the hormone that regulates your circadian rhythm.

5. There are fewer road traffic accidents

Studies have shown that lighter daytime hours lead to a general sense of well-being, cognition and fewer accidents on the roads.

6. Energy Saving

With one extra hour of daylight in the evening, we use less energy for heating and lighting our homes. We can also rely a lot more on solar energy, which is far less harmful to the environment than fossil fuels. On summer evenings, people tend to spend time outside of the house, which consequently means you are less likely to be using electricity or gas inside your home.

As we’re all facing uncertain times, Red Candy is working hard to stay focused on the positive! They know the clocks moving forward won’t be cancelled, so they have added a selection of quirky clocks to raise a smile on these darker days.

Cuckoo Blue

Cuckoo blue!

It’s always nice to have a visitor, and with a Cuckoo House Clock, you know the door will constantly be flinging open to reveal a feathered friend!

This fun cuckoo clock tick-tocks ticks all the right boxes, warbling away with pendulum power every hour. 

The Overthinker Head Clock

Calling all clever ‘cogs’ who find it a struggle to switch off!!

At last! An insight into the human mind! Now you can really see what makes someone tick with the Overthinker Head Clock!

Sardine Wall Clock

Sardine Wall Clock

When it comes to tinned timepieces, you can’t go wrong with a Sardine Tin Wall Clock!

Featuring a single sardine inside a tin, this fishy fella swings back and forth in a pendulum movement. Talk about shaking that bass!

The Karlsson Mini Flip Wall Clock

The Karlsson Mini Flip Wall Clock – Wood marries retro indulgence and modern functionality to create a sublime timekeeper which will ensure your household is running on time!

For more Red Candy Clocks visit here

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