Peanut Butter Pop at Home

Peanut Butter Pop at Home

Popcorn Kitchen Forges Fine Snacking Union with Peanut Butter Pioneers Superfoodio

Peanut Butter Pop at Home. Popcorn Kitchen Forges Fine Snacking Union with Peanut Butter Pioneers Superfoodio.

In the world of snacking, there are few combinations as beloved as popcorn and peanut butter. Both are classic favourites, offering a delightful blend of crunch and creaminess that satisfies cravings and tantalises taste buds. Now, snack enthusiasts have even more reason to rejoice as Popcorn Kitchen and Superfoodio, join forces to create an irresistible alliance.

Popcorn Kitchen, renowned for its artisanal approach to popcorn, has long been a staple in the snack industry. Their commitment to quality ingredients and innovative flavours has garnered them a loyal following of popcorn aficionados. Superfoodio, on the other hand, has made waves with its innovative take on healthy snacking, crafting creamy buttons for healthy snacks anytime, anywhere.

Peanut Butter Pop at Home
Peanut Butter Pop at Home

The collaboration between these two powerhouses is a match made in snacking heaven. By combining Popcorn Kitchen’s expertise in creating delectable home popcorn popping kits with Superfoodio’s mastery of crafting wholesome chunky peanut butter buttons, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Behind every great brand are great founders Louise Monk and Nirali Buch Mankodi came together though the pioneering Buy Women Built movement where they are both proud members. Buy Women Built is an ambitious female founder collective tasked with addressing the unsatisfactory shortfall in UK female brand owners by shining a bright light on our nation’s latest crop of successful female-led challenger brands. Their message being ‘If you believe in Women, buy from them’.

According to Popcorn Kitchen founder, Louise Monk, ‘As a business owner dealing in immersive snacking and gifting occasions, I’m always on the lookout for intriguing new ingredients with added wow!  Like us, Superfoodio is a bustling family business with a bold vision to showcase fine snacking in an innovative, real ingredient light.  With peanut butter appreciation at an all-time high, it was inspired thinking by Nirali & Jagir to rethink protein-rich spread as a magnificently melt-in-the-mouth button, made from only a small handful of gloriously gourmet Ingredients: peanuts, coconut blossom sugar, ethically sourced single origin cocoa butter and salt.   Our prodigiously podgy mushroom popcorn provides the perfect crunchy setting for incredible flavours and with melted Superfoodio buttons, it’s fair to say that we’ve struck gold.’

The Pop at Home Kits are fun and simple to use and provide all you will need to make the most delicious Gourmet Chocolately Peanut Popcorn at home! With easy-to-follow instructions, this pack will bring ‘Pure Popcorn Happiness’ to any Movie Night or Big Night In and the Kids will love making it!

The pack contains Popcorn Kitchen gourmet popping corn kernels, Belgian Chocolate Buttons and real peanut butter buttons. Measured to perfection to create 14 servings of the most delicious Chocolatey Peanut Popcorn!

This pack will bring the ultimate gourmet Chocolate and Peanut Popcorn experience to your home!

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