About Women Talking

About Women Talking

Women Talking is an online magazine that seeks to bring a voice to those across all sectors of society who are looking for a platform to tell their stories.

Over the past 16 years – together with our rich and diverse contributors – we have been influencing people with our articles, honest reviews and straightforward approach to the subjects that matter to our readers. They tell us what they want to know more about across a wide range of topics which include, business, fashion, travel, lifestyle, health, food and diet. 

We feel everyone has something to say and we want to encourage debate. We don’t believe in talking at you because that isn’t communication. We believe in knowledge sharing and collaboration. We believe in listening as well as speaking. 

If you have a story to tell that you believe people need to hear about then let us know. If we think it’s worth shouting about, we’ll help you get the message out there.

If you would like to know more about Women Talking please feel free to get in touch. Info@womentalking.co.uk

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Welcome to Women Talking.

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