Storage Made Easy with Gearhooks

Storage Made Easy with Gearhooks

Storage Made Easy with Gearhooks – Having recently finished building a new garden structure with a shed, the opportunity to try the Gearhooks wall mounted storage racks was perfect timing. Hoping to keep the area looking tidy, pristine, and roomy was my sole objective for easy access to the numerous items I wished to store there.

Like many garden sheds, behind closed doors, it can result in a great excuse to offload your excess unused regalia. I was keen to avoid this situation, giving it an organised, structured finish, allowing me to see all my garden tools at a glance. Keeping my stored items off the floor was a priority. By utilising the walls for storage I am allowing a better, more convenient walk space and general access to reach my items with ease without having to move a mountain first, which has been the case in the past!

GearHooks manufacture a range of wall mounted storage racks for cyclists, golfers, skiers, snowboarders, climbers, and skateboarders as well as wall-mounted racks for leisure items like garden tools and guitars. It is the perfect way to organise or declutter a house, garage, shed, basement, or attic, depending on your personal storage requirements.

Storage Made Easy with Gearhooks

Quick and easy to fit the system consists of a GearRail that will fit your surface with just three holes. The rail is galvanised, and powder coated in a range of colours to not only look great but stop corrosion. Your GrearHooks can then be fitted anywhere on the rail without additional drilling. Each hook can support up to 25Kg and had a rubber covering to protect your gear.

Keeping your space neat and tidy, the storage hooks can be easily fixed onto a surface, then adjusted or expanded to suit your storage needs. Gearhooks also offer extra storage hooks and gear rails for those wanting to expand their storage rack or custom build their very own storage solution.

The heavy-duty steel construction means they won’t break under pressure and also allows you to even use them in wet conditions without worrying about rusting – so they’ll last longer too!

Storage Made Easy with Gearhooks

Gearhooks are a very small business that design and manufacture all their products from their workshops in North Wales.

The company was born out of a need to store mountain bikes. Like many people who own bikes and have a family, founder Luis Prtak had 4 or 5 bikes used most weeks and about the same number of old bikes he wanted to keep. After filling the garage, shed and spare rooms with bikes and other sports gear and not being able to find, or get to, half of it he decided to do something about it.

Having bought many different types of hooks and brackets to try to solve the problem, he realised that many were cheap and flimsy, or good but expensive or too fiddly to fit. An added problem was that every time there was an additional bike to add to the collection, which may have wider or narrower handlebars or different size wheels, would not fit. Therefore, additional hooks had to be added or moved with additional drilling.

As a qualified Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years experience of in designing and manufacturing world-class products for many industries, this was the catalyst to design something better.

It took two years and lots of prototypes to come up with what Luis believe is the best engineered, most adaptable, and most reasonably priced storage system for bikes and now for other storage equipment too.

Everything is well made, and it all comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Gearhooks will repair or replace all, or any part of, your purchase no matter what happens, even if you manage to break it.

For more information visit here and if you would like to try the storage system for yourself, we would like to offer you a 10% discount with code WOMENTALK10

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