Revolutionise Your Toothbrush with Toothbuckle

Revolutionise Your Toothbrush with Toothbuckle

Revolutionise Your Toothbrush with Toothbuckle – Toothbuckle is a sustainable oral care health and beauty brand creating products that have a low impact on the environment. Their ethos is to help to build a sustainable health-conscious future!

Founders Roz and Ali have introduced us to their high quality, innovative, sustainable toothbrush covers made of certified LFGB silicone that prevents bacterial growth in between brushing and their recyclable bamboo toothbrush.

For the eco-conscious among us, by swapping out a plastic polluting toothbrush for a matching eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush, you are taking active responsibility for yourselves and the environment.

Toothbuckle is also committed to making positive change within our communities through the eyes of some of the most vulnerable children. They have partnered with UK charity Pamper Indulge & Give, where they invest in creating projects throughout the year to educate, inspire and enrich on all levels. Speaking the message of self-care, mindfulness, achievement, and ‘We love our planet’.

Women Talking speak to Roz and Ali about their business journey so far:

What inspired you to start the company?

“Roz and I are a mother and daughter team and started the brand out of a personal need having not found a truly effective toothbrush cover that was plastic-free and reduced the germ build-up in between brushing.

“We started on our brand journey back in 2018 at the most difficult time of our lives.

“Roz was going through a marriage break up after 30 years and was sinking in her divorce process and I had just been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer at just 33 years old I was petrified of what the future had in store.

“We were both a bit beaten up by life and generally sad.

“I remember just 9 or so months before Roz and I had spoken about a dream we’d had. To start our own business and create the best toothbrush cover the world had ever seen.

“So, on a warm evening with a glass of wine sitting in Roz’s Garden talking about what we were both going to do with our lives. The ‘eco cover’ re-emerged and we started to talk about what the ideal cover would look like, do and how to solve all the pain points that people currently had to deal with when using a plastic one.

“We quickly realised that what is now Toothbuckle was just the positive focus we needed. At that moment we knew we were committed to bringing the Toothbuckle cover to the world and creating an exceptional cover that was highly sustainable, stopped that germ-build up and was that new way of looking at oral hygiene.”

What is your most important message?

“The female entrepreneur has had a huge surge especially over the pandemic we are the fastest-growing group of small business owners, and we bring such incredible assets to a company. 

  • Such a powerful community like Women Talking helps you to act. With action, the world of business moves forward. 
  • Be patient, it doesn’t happen overnight. What you know today you’ll learn 10x more this time next year. 
  • Your journey is the same as everyone else’s even if it may appear that they are leaps ahead of you. 
  • Follow the money, what that means is where you are having the most success go deeper into that and utilise that channel. 
  • And you are going to have to develop thick skin and resilience this is not going to be easy in any way, but you can do it! Half the battle is staying in the process.” 

What is your most popular colour?

“Purple. It represents bravery and Roz and I are Kick-ass women who don’t give up! “

Who is your audience?

“Our customers are truly amazing they send us cards and emails of what they are up to and where they travel with their Toothbuckle products. 

“One of our recent customers Helen said: “It was our daughter’s delayed graduation from Lincoln University and held in the beautiful cathedral. I took the new toothbuckle toothbrush and holder with me and she was delighted with it.”

“I will be placing an order soon and I will include some to donate to the Salvation Army foodbank!”

“Roz and I are so grateful for the support, and our customer base is women between 25-45 they are conscious consumers who want to create change away from toxic plastics and they also are influencers in their everyday lives, buying for their family, friends and loved ones.”

Tell me about your affiliation with UK charity Pamper Indulge & Give

“Toothbuckle is committed to making positive change within our communities through the eyes of some of the most vulnerable children. 

“We partner with UK charities throughout the year to educate, inspire and enrich on all levels. All projects aim to speak the message of self-care, mindfulness, achievement, and ‘We love our planet’. 

“Last year, we helped to raise funds to build Khiphinkunzi Primary School in South Africa. Helping young girls to learn, grow and dream. Giving them hope at reaching their full potential for a better future in a beautiful new place.” 

Revolutionise Your Toothbrush with Toothbuckle

The key benefits of using Toothbuckle Toothbrush Covers are: 

  • It locks onto your toothbrush head securely whether you are on the move or at home.
  • A ventilated cover that allows the toothbrush to dry out in between brushing thoroughly. 
  • Natural silver is embedded into every toothbrush cover to give that additional antibacterial protection. 
  • Easy to use, exceptionally durable and sustainable.
  • Excellent value for money, as there is no reason to throw Toothbuckle away as it lasts a lifetime and is just as effective as the day you bought it. 
  • Making Toothbuckle an essential part of your hygiene routine means that everyday airborne germs, toilet spray and cross-contamination is a problem of the past. 
  • Environmentally friendly

By deciding to use Toothbuckle’s natural silicone covers and bamboo toothbrushes, you are protecting yourself and your family, now and for the future, against the plastic problem we all have.

Toothbuckle are offering a 20% discount for purchases online. Enter the code WOMENTALKING20 in your shopping basket.

Poppy Watt

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