Secret Projects Declares a Climate Change Emergency

Secret Projects Declares a Climate Change Emergency

Secret Projects empowers women in India through the making and selling of clothing and homeware. Their ethical policy is comprehensive and designed to ensure that Secret Projects has as little impact on the environment as possible from the use of recycled paper and cardboard for their marketing materials to the sourcing of their fabrics.

They hate waste and one of the steps they take to reduce the impact they make on the environment is through their Crafting and Sewing Collection. Scraps leftover from the making of their products are used to make other products. For example, their Secret Bunting is made from the fabric scraps leftover from the making of their Secret Pillows. They also sell Scrap Bundles, that includes fabric leftover from the making of their Secret Sari Dresses. These bundles are purchased by crafters and re-worked into individual and creative pieces. Secret Projects Craft and Sewing collection also include packs a make your own Secret Pillow and pattern kit, which they are seeking to grow this side of their business in 2020. 

They are also working with the education sector and have produced a pack for teachers that include leftover wadding from the production of their Secret Pillows as well as Scrap Bundles. Teachers, who purchase a bundle, gain access to their Google Drive that includes a wealth of educational resources about Indian textiles, saris and ethical production. January 2020 will see our first educational trip to India for textiles and technology teachers. 

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