Countdown to Christmas – Hair Care

Countdown to Christmas – Hair Care

Add a magical touch of glamour to your day

Countdown to Christmas – Hair Care – Beautiful hair is an important part of your appearance and sets the tone for your entire look. Not only giving your confidence a boost, but great hair also makes you look and feel smarter, adding a magical touch of glamour to your day.

Women Talking looks at a selection of haircare ranges and products, which could help you with this year’s Christmas present wish list.

Countdown to Christmas – Hair Care

TAOH – Give the gift of glossy, healthy hair this Christmas!

TAOH is delighted to announce the launch of the new Christmas gift sets! The perfect gifts for the hair care lovers in your life.

For many of us, shampoo and conditioner are a necessity and products that we pick up regularly alongside our food shop. But a professional shampoo and conditioner is a special gift and one that we all appreciate as it’s something we wouldn’t necessary treat ourselves too. And for hair enthusiasts, there’s no better gift than a fantastic quality hair mask or styling product that can breathe new life into our hair and accelerate our hair care routine! Particularly during the winter months when our hair can become more prone to dryness.

With that in mind, TAOH have put together Christmas gift sets to suit all hair types! These can be given as a singular gift, being packaged in a beautiful gifting box, or each product can be gifted to different people and work well for stocking fillers and Secret Santas!

Explore the sets here

Countdown to Christmas – Hair Care

Philip Kingsley – The Crowning Glory Collection will leave strands healthy, nourished, and polished to perfection this festive season!

Philip Kingsley’s gleaming selection of hair care jewels, for tresses worthy of display this Christmas and beyond.

Whether you’re seeking DIAMOND SHINE & HYDRATION, BRILLIANT BODY & VOLUME or SPARKLING LITTLE GEMS, this trio of gift sets will take care of your crowning glory — after all, your crown is not just for Christmas Day, you wear it all year round.

It’s not just about haircare products, I am beginning to appreciate hair tools and accessories too and have incorporated them into my haircare routine.

Countdown to Christmas – Hair Care

Manta PULSE – Ultimate Hair & Scalp Therapy

Rejuvenate your hair and calm routine at the touch of a button. Press once for relaxing stress and tension relief and press twice for invigorating to increase blood-flow and circulation.

Pioneering patented FLEXGUARD technology on the base enables each bristle to have complete 360-degree motion so it never reaches the stress point that causes breakage. Manta gently frees knots, minimises breakage and maximises shine.

Countdown to Christmas – Hair Care

The Squishy Scalp Massager from CENTRED has now become a go-to hair washing accessory in my bathroom.

Your scalp is essentially an extension of the skin on your face yet, hidden by hair, it can be overlooked and badly neglected?

The scalp can suffer many problems – product build-up, irritation, build-up of dead skin cells and folliculitis. This in turn can cause dry, dull hair as well as thinning and hair loss.

Squishy Scalp Massager was created to elevate your hair-care routine and treat, stimulate, and deep clean your scalp the way it deserves.

This chic, easy to carry, sustainable hair tool is in the signature CENTRED. pink is the easiest way to give a great head massage. The soft silicone bristles stimulate hair follicles and encourage growth by keeping them in the active growth phase longer. It also stimulates healthy blood flow to the scalp and so encourages stronger, healthier hair growth.

By using along with CENTRED. En Root Scalp Treatment, the Squishy will gently get rid of product build-up and dead skin cell layers which clog pores and in turn lead to dull, thinning hair.

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