OLYVE Beauty Lines Crafted from Olive Tree Leaves

OLYVE Beauty Lines Crafted from Olive Tree Leaves

OLYVE Beauty Lines Crafted from Olive Tree Leaves – In the world of beauty, consumers are increasingly turning towards natural and sustainable products that not only enhance their beauty but also contribute to a healthier planet. One such remarkable innovation in the beauty industry is the emergence of OLYVE beauty lines, harnessing the potent benefits of olive tree leaves. This unique approach not only showcases the industry’s commitment to sustainability but also unlocks the potential of nature’s bounty for radiant and healthy skin.

The olive tree, known for its rich history and association with Mediterranean beauty secrets, has long been celebrated for its nutritional and health benefits. While olive oil has been a staple in skincare routines for centuries, OLYVE takes a step further by utilising the leaves of the olive tree, tapping into a previously overlooked source of botanical goodness.

Sahara Seidita, the Founder of OLYVE Beauty, is originally from Sicily, Italy. Her family has successfully developed an olive oil production and distribution business which has been active for three generations, since 1922. In an effort to fight the waste that comes with the olive oil production process Sahara decided to create something unique and nurturing for the body by giving a natural solution to one of our main skin’s problems, dehydration, this was how the concept of OLYVE Beauty matured.

Given the opportunity Women Talking were thrilled to try the OLYVE vegan natural Beauty Food Body Set a luxurious self-care experience curated for those who crave the perfect balance of beauty and nourishment for hair and body.

The hair mask, is a product that can be applied on the hair as well as the scalp, providing the benefits and nutrition that is coming from the olive oil, without making the hair oily and without affecting the sculp. Enriched with natural wonders and antioxidants like Olive Oil, Trehalose, and Wheat Protein, this mask is your ticket to hair rejuvenation. Pamper your hair with the fortifying essence of Mango Butter and the hydrating touch of Panthenol. It is free from harmful ingredients and a luscious treat for normal to damaged hair.

Presented and packaged in an airless tube, it can be used under the shower efficiently without wasting material, while its 100 ml size is perfect for travellers.

The body cream is a beautiful balance between a thick body butter and a lighter textured body cream giving an instant soft feel. I love it because it is designed to nourish the entire body, it allows you to have one cream for everything: neck, hands, feet, and body.

I found it moisturizing, it absorbs immediately, without being as greasy and it lasts well on the skin. This highly nutritious and vegan body cream boasts the goodness of olive derivatives, with Olive Leaves taking centre stage for their antioxidant prowess.

Dermatologically tested and gentle enough for children, this cream transforms your skin with a delicate consistency that feels like a dream.

Both products are made of olive derivates and olive tree leaves coming from the founder’s family and their 15000 olive trees, offering a unique body care experience while being a sustainable brand at its core.

The Power of Olive Leaves:

 The olive derivates and leaves are used in the OLYVE range are exclusively from Nocellara del Belice, a particular cultivar that has higher content of oleuropein compared to other cultivars. The leaves are harvested between January and February (the coolest months in Sicily) as it increases the percentage of Oleuropein, a key active ingredient in the leaves. This health-giving extract contains more vitamin C and antioxidants than the amount we find in green tea extracts, along with a wide range of essential amino acids. Thus, this unique ingredient, immediately helps soothe skin and blur imperfections while restoring it with balanced nutrition inspired by the healthy Mediterranean diet.

For more information visit OLYVE beauty website here.

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