OBVS - Helping your Skin Concerns – Naturally

OBVS – Helping your Skin Concerns – Naturally

OBVS – Helping your Skin Concerns – Naturally – Taking a negative experience and turning it into a positive one, Sian Louise founder of the organic, vegan skincare brand OBVS offers sustainable, and biodegradable skincare options for those who wish to be kind to their skin and the planet.

Using only use the highest quality, ethically sourced, cruelty-free ingredients Sian can help you with your skin concerns with her growing range of vegan & organic products.

Sian started experimenting with organic, natural skincare ingredients whilst undergoing IVF treatment in 2019. As some may know, undergoing any type of fertility treatment takes a toll on your body and skin. Being a previous sufferer of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Sian had struggled with acne and whilst having the IVF treatment the acne reared its ugly head again! Sian started eating organic food and switched her skincare to more natural substances to aid the pregnancy and wanted to find an organic solution she could apply topically that wouldn’t harm herself or the baby. 

Unfortunately, after a second miscarriage, looking for a distraction, Sian turned to her long-term passion, which was skincare, which turned out to be the crutch needed to help her through this difficult time.

Sian began furthering her research into biochemistry, natural ingredients, and sustainability in the beauty industry. On her educational journey, she continually gained new certificates in areas such as aromatherapy, anti-ageing and more. And so, her Organic Intensive Skin Recovery Cream was born.

“The Organic Intensive Skin Recovery Cream is my holy grail”, Quotes Sian, “helping 100s of people with nappy rash, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and more. It was my 1st product that helped me turn my dream into a reality.”

“I launched the product in May 2021 and sold out the next day! The response has been unbelievable”

This miracle product is fast becoming a family favourite. Suitable for adults, as well as children, it can help a range of skin issues stemming from psoriasis to nappy rash – making it a staple in every household. It’s fantastic for those prone to eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, spots and can also help minor burns as well as sore hands too!

The Organic Intensive Skin Recovery Cream is perfect for adults, children, and babies.

It is also: 

Soil Association COSMOS Organic Certified

Vegan Society Certified

Leaping Bunny Approved

Palm Oil Free

Paraben Free

Phthalate Free

Synthetic Free

Nanoparticle Free

Free from Soy & Nuts

Plastic Free

OBVS - Helping your Skin Concerns – Naturally

Women Talking was particularly inspired by The Ultimate Christmas Obvs Skincare Gift Set, which is beautifully presented in a matt black box, offering a selection of the best organic skincare.

This exclusive set contains the famous Organic Intensive Skin Recovery Cream, Organic Moisturiser – Naked (fragrance-free), Organic Moisturiser – Morning Mandarin and Organic Moisturiser – Evening Lavender. 

Suitable for adults and children, these natural creams help a range of skin issues stemming from psoriasis to eczema – making them a staple in every household. 

For a bespoke offering, if you would like to add a personalised OBVS Christmas Card with your gift box, just type your personalised message in the dedicated box at checkout and Sian will handwrite your message for your recipient.

All Sian’s’ products are currently made from her bespoke home lab, in Hampshire, purpose-built by her wonderful husband! Having her own lab in her back garden gives Sian the opportunity to formulate new products and experiment with her brand. 

For more information visit the website here.

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