How to Fight Frizz Without Weighing Hair Down

How to Fight Frizz Without Weighing Hair Down

How to Fight Frizz Without Weighing Hair Down – We’ve all been there. Your outfit is on point, your makeup is perfect, you’re ready to head out the door—there’s just a little excess frizz keeping you from your style goals. But when you try to fix the issue with leave-in conditioner or heavy styling products, your strands end up looking oily and flat, the opposite of the glam chic look you were hoping to achieve.

We’re here to save the day with our top five tips for keeping strands frizz free, without suffering from a loss of volume or movement. Here’s what you need to know:

Avoid These Brushing Mistakes

We think of brushing our hair as one of the most basic maintenance tasks we can do for our strands, but unfortunately brushing the wrong way can cause serious frizz issues. When you brush, you might lift your strands’ cuticles and disrupt the natural pattern of your hair, causing frizz and static. Switch to a wide tooth comb, finger brush, or use a gentle detangling brush, starting from the bottom and working your way up to keep frizz at bay. You can also dampen hair slightly before brushing, or even brush when wet. If you do opt for wet over, dry brushing, make sure to be extra gentle, only using a wide tooth comb or your fingers to avoid ripping or tearing fragile strands. 

Fight Frizz The Weightless Way

A little product can be your strands bff when it comes to fighting frizz, but reach for the wrong one and your hair might end up looking oily and weighed down. Avoid the need for a strand drying reset wash by styling with a naturally weightless hair oil. Designed to be as lightweight as possible while still planning a powerfully hydrating punch, it’s suitable for use on even the thinnest strands, and will leave your hair frizz free and glossy. Bonus: it smells amazing, and provides locked in moisture boosting benefits that will vanish frizz for hours. Basically, we consider it our ultimate weapon in the war against frizz.

Just Say No to Terrycloth

You probably reach for your towel at the end of a wash day shower without giving it a second thought, but did you know that everyone’s favorite absorbent material might actually be damaging your hair? The rough terry cloth fabric used in most towels can pull on cuticles, leaving them in disarray. The dryness of the fabric also whisks away moisture too abruptly, contributing to dehydration and hygral fatigue. Instead, use a smooth cotton or microfiber towel to dry without damage, or wrap your hair in an old t-shirt. 

Thicken Up Your Strands

The thinner your strands are, the more likely they are to suffer from frizziness. Thin, lightweight hair catches the breeze all too easily, meaning frizz can feel unavoidable. Get to the root of your problem by adding products designed to support an increased appearance of thickness and fuller, healthier hair. We love this gro and shine duo from VEGAMOUR for getting the job done. Not only does it come with their widely beloved hair growth supporting serum, it also includes that lightweight styling oil to keep your strands looking glossy and flyaway free.

Switch to a Silk Pillowcase

You probably have a well developed nighttime skin care routine, but did you know that what happens while you’re sleeping is equally important to the health and wellness of your hair? Just like a rough towel, a conventional cotton pillowcase snags and grabs your strands, leaving your cuticles out of order and your hair a frizzy mess. Switch to a silk pillowcase to keep your cuticles, laying, smooth, and consider applying a protective hairstyle before you lay down your head For an extra layer of anti-frizz action. Talk about getting your beauty sleep!

So there you have it, or ultimate guide to keeping your hair beautiful, glossy, and frizz free. We hope you try these tips out, and enjoy lovelier, looking, less frizzy strands.

Poppy Watt


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