Coldpress Broadens its Horizons

Coldpress Broadens its Horizons

Coldpress Broadens its Horizons – Coldpress Broadens its Horizons with the tangy twang of HPP (high-pressure processing) lemon and lime juice.

Since the pandemic ‘Cocktail Friday’ has held its own in my household. Having always been in awe of the art of mixology and a huge supporter of drinking cocktails, I have turned my attention to simplifying my ingredients list.

As with many households we carry the basic cocktail-making tools, however, anyone who has ever wrestled to squeeze the juice out of a lime or lemon, knows this process is generally a messy, sticky one. So, I was thrilled to learn that the fine juice aficionados at Coldpress Foods have now extended their HPP juice wizardry to lime and lemon juice so that no recipe, cocktail or mocktail need ever go shy of that all-important tangy twang.

Whilst leafing through my cocktail books, it is obvious that lemon or lime juice is one of the most used ingredients in mixed drinks (outside of the spirit, of course). Citrus with its acidic and sour notes brings balance to the drink. This balance is based on the 5 engagements of our palate sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savoury (umami). The purposeful measure of citrus in cocktail ingredients is required to bring balance to two or more opposing flavours in a shaken cocktail, giving it, its divine flavour.

To keep your cocktails/mocktails on tap both the lemon and lime citrus juices are available in a whopping 1L size.

According to Coldpress founder, Andrew Gibb, ‘Having set us up HPP juice enthusiasts, it would have been remiss of us to overlook the unique needs of both professional and ‘enthusiastic amateur’ mixologists, barmen, bakers, chefs, and smoothie blending maestros who have all been seeking ways to add a little extra tangy zip to their favourite recipes.’

Working my way through the list below, this selection comes highly recommended, so why not try them yourself at home?

Coldpress Broadens its Horizons

Cantaritos Collins:

Tequila and Coldpress® Valencia Orange juice shaken with pink grapefruit juice, Coldpress® Lime juice and a pinch of salt, then topped with pink grapefruit soda.

St Clements Collins:

 Gin is shaken with Coldpress® Lemon and Coldpress® Valencia Orange juices, a dash of sugar syrup and topped with soda water.

 November Seabreeze (mocktail):

Coldpress® Golden Delicious apple juice and cranberry juice shaken with Coldpress® Lime juice and topped with soda water.

Coldpress Broadens its Horizons

Honey Sour Sling (mocktail):

Melon puree and Coldpress® Golden Delicious apple juice shaken with Coldpress® Lemon juice and honey, topped with ginger beer.

Coldstar Martini:

Fresh raspberries crushed with Coldpress®Ò Mango & Passionfruit smoothie, then shaken with Cointreau, served with a frozen shot of lemon vodka.

Paradise Punch:

 Caribbean rum is shaken with raspberry liqueur, Coldpress®Ò Strawberry & Banana smoothie and Coldpress®Ò Mango & Passionfruit smoothie, served with a dark rum float.

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