Coldpress drinks for a ‘healthier living’ society

Coldpress Drinks for a ‘Healthier Living’ Society

Coldpress drinks for a ‘healthier living’ society – What’s in your juice? Is a question I have asked myself many times over. I regularly juice my own fruits and vegetables at home; however, this is a time-consuming, messy process, and as an alternative, it is encouraging to know that healthy juices are available to buy in your local supermarkets too.

Women Talking had the pleasure of trying a multitude of juices and smoothies from the brand Coldpress, all of which were delicious.

They have a vast selection of flavours and recently expanded their range to include a refreshing Valencian Juice with pulp and their latest ‘Super Juice,’ Rise & Shine, a heady mix of Valencian Orange, Mango, Carrot, Apple & Passion Fruit.

During the manufacturing process, Coldpress use HPP (high-pressure processing), which is a high-tech alternative to heat pasteurisation that could be used by alternative juice manufacturers. Heat pasteurisation does help to extend the shelf life of a product, however, consequently, the heat damages the vital vitamins and nutrients and can also reduce the natural taste.

The simple thinking behind HPP is to make juice work harder and taste better, so much so, Coldpress juices undoubtedly taste closer to freshly squeezed juices due to the gentle nature of the HPP process.

With the growing popularity of good gut health and high fibre diets, Coldpress also provide a line with ‘bits’ as an option, because the pulp, long known for harbouring additional fibre and Vitamin C is also a generous provider of good digestion and anti-inflammatory flavonoids.

Coldpress’s latest ‘super juice,’ is an orange-based ‘super-blend’ that showcases orange juice’s more extravagant flavour potential, by being the perfect host for sunnier climbs fruit (mango & passion fruit), a trusted orchard staple (apple) and a low sugar allotment hero (carrot).

According to Coldpress Juice founder, Andrew Gibb, ‘these are certainly two well thought through additions to our buoyant High-Pressure Processing (HPP) ‘with added vitamins’ offer.  Our Pink Lady apple juice has long been celebrated as the pinnacle of premium tier apple juices, so it was important to build upon our full-bodied orange juice ambitions by focusing on the 3 core pillars of our business: the best ingredients, an ingredient friendly process (HPP) that rejects debilitating heat-based treatments and an extra dash of essential vitamins to support today’s increasingly hectic lifestyles.’

A well-balanced healthy diet ensures you have plenty of scope to hoover up essential vitamins, which is why Coldpress are so proud of their drinks because they provide a significant stack of your daily NRVS (nutrient reference values).

Coldpress juices are available to buy from Ocado, Waitrose, Asda and Lidl.

Poppy Watt

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