Delicious Authentic Products from Seggiano

Delicious Authentic Products from Seggiano

Delicious Authentic Products from Seggiano – We know the pleasure it gives when we gift a hamper to friends, associates and loved ones for special occasions, today we are thrilled to have found another perfect and fitting example of a foodie hamper offering for vegans, which will delight non-vegans equally and is packed with the best selling delicious Seggiano vegan products, made with sustainability and ethics in mind.

Delicious Authentic Products from Seggiano

Seggiano vegan hampers include their legendary Raw Basil Pesto,  believed to be the best pesto on the shelves! We have tried it and think so too… this pesto is raw and unpasteurised, and made with Ligurian Basil grown by the producer, who uses preventative methods instead of herbicides or pesticides. It is delicious when paired with Seggiano Gluten Free Rice and Corn pasta which is available as premium wheat pasta, gourmet gluten-free pasta, high-protein legume pasta or alternative grain pasta. All Seggiano pasta is organic and slow-dried at low temperatures for maximum nutrition, flavour, and texture.

Alternatively, try your pesto topped on new potatoes or as a spread with crunchy tomato bruschetta.

Delicious Authentic Products from Seggiano

Seggiano Organic Crunchy Hazelnut Cacao Spread is made the slow way by grinding and sieving, which is a winner in my book, extremely tasty and satisfying. Sicilian Nebrodi hazelnuts are combined with Fairtrade or Equosolidale Cacao to create a sublime chocolate spread.

Handmade in the Piemonte region, we love the Classic Handmade Flatbreads, these ‘mother-in-law tongue’ crackers are awesome on their own or with cheese, and super thin and crispy. Not forgetting the world-class Organic Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an organic single estate extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany is produced using a unique filtration system to maintain flavour and antioxidants. These, along with many more, will certainly brighten the day of anyone lucky enough to receive such a bespoke gift.

As a brand that champions best-in-class, Seggiano sources ingredients from the best local producers around Italy.

 What makes Seggiano different?

Using the highest quality ingredients and production methods, the Seggiano goal is to sell the best and most delicious, authentic Italian larder essentials in the market.

Founders David and Peri met at Roma Ciampino Airport in 1985 and discovered a common passion for holistic well-being, sustainable agriculture, and Italian food. Over 30 years on, they source all over Italy, from artisan pioneers who make truly delicious food, with simple, clean ingredients.

Today, Seggiano is just as big on responsibility and transparency and doesn’t sell foods with ingredients obtained through methods they deem disrespectful to the well-being of humans, animals, or the environment.

Most commodity food production is cheap but costs the earth dearly and may be harmful to our health. Low-grade vegetables and olive oils, for example, are believed to be bad for us. Therefore, they strictly use stable, cold-extracted high-oleic oils in their products.

They also choose to use organic butter and eggs to avoid the carcinogenic residues of common weed killers that concentrate in mammalian milk, and because organic certification ensures higher animal welfare standards.

Seggiano strives to make positive choices which support respectful farming methods, local food production and our collective well-being.

If you are looking for kitchen inspiration, look at their recipe page here for a selection of their favourites ranging from pasta dishes and risottos to desserts and cocktails.

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