John Paul Jones launches Providence Rum

John Paul Jones launches Providence Rum

John Paul Jones launches Providence Rum – Women Talking has the pleasure of trying John Paul Jones (JPJ) unique Islay whisky cask-aged rum – Providence and shares some new, exciting cocktail recipes.

Regarding taste, the new Providence has a rich Caribbean Rum texture that coats the mouth with hits of vanilla, green grass, and ripe fruit. The vegetal nature of Laphroaig comes through in the mid-palate where the smoke swirls all the flavours around.

On the nose it has a sharp hit of sweet spice, seaweed salinity, and a whisper of smoke and the finish is soft with sweet, fruity notes carrying through with lots of smoke bursting through. A spice kicks up at the very end, leaving a lasting impression.

It is somewhat little known that the legendary naval hero and co-founder of the US Navy, Captain John Paul Jones, was raised in a small cottage on the Scottish shores of Dumfriesshire. It is on this very spot where JPJ Rum was born. What better liquor to tell the story of John Paul Jones then the spirit used to perfectly preserve his body where it was finally laid to rest.

Every drop of this pioneering spirit embodies the indelible passion for adventure, displayed by the famous master and commander throughout his epic saga. For JPJ’s first Lowland Rum expression launched in 2021, hand-selected Caribbean rum makes the same transatlantic journey on which a young Jones embarked when learning the ropes of the British Navy. On home shores the age-old Scottish tradition of wood ageing is observed, using the very American Oak used to deck the ships which carried JPJ from quest to crusade. Finally, the newly golden nectar is steeped in sustainably sourced Scottish seaweed, picked from the shores where Jones’ thirst for adventure was born. A new age spirit, in full harmony with the tales of the past – in John Paul Jones’ own words: ‘those who do not risk, cannot win’.

If you are looking for cocktail recipes to impress your palate, try these for starters of visit their cocktail journal here

John Paul Jones launches Providence Rum

Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini is a cocktail forever misunderstood. Why use vodka when all coffee liquors already contain rum? Raise your standards by using JPJ Lowland Rum, the sweet salty flavour works in perfect harmony with the richness of the coffee. Risk it, you will never turn back.


50ml JPJ Lowland Rum

40ml coffee liqueur

1 shot of premium espresso.

Pinch of sea salt

John Paul Jones launches Providence Rum

JPJ Sailors Negroni

Dare to reinvent an iconic cocktail by adding the unmistakably smokey flavour of Lowland Rum. The salty rum notes compliment the sweet taste of red vermouth perfectly. A flavour bomb, not for the faint of heart.

30ml JPJ Ranger Rum

30ml Sweet Vermouth

30ml Campari

Garnish with orange peel

John Paul Jones launches Providence Rum

JPJ has also launched its first ever ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktail earlier this year – a light, refreshing rum-based blend created in partnership with another trail-blazing premium drinks company, Double Dutch.

Saluting this highly successful collaboration sees JPJ’s trademark dark and dry Lowland Rum combined with Double Dutch’s Cucumber and Watermelon mixer.

John Paul Jones Ltd aims to push the boundaries of a modern rum producer, pioneering artisanal flavour combinations and unorthodox finishing techniques. Currently John Paul Jones Ltd produces its baseline expression – the gold medal winning ‘Lowland Rum’ – now joined white ‘Ranger Rum’ and the newly announced ‘Providence’, a limited-edition rum uniquely aged in an ex-Islay whisky cask Plans for other trailblazing releases are already advanced, so watch this space!

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