5 ways to use fish scale tiles in your home

5 ways to use fish scale tiles in your home


The one place in any home which is perfectly suited to the simple drop fish scale tile design is, of course, the bathroom, be it for use as an art deco style flooring or for use on the walls, but there are several ways you can use these beautiful tiles to change the dynamic of your bathroom.

Simple single colour – Using a single yet striking colour which has a number of subtle variations can allow you to produce a striking pearlescent feel throughout your bathroom, giving you a relaxing place to soak and soothe away troubles of the week with a nice glass of Chardonnay, a good book and some gentle candlelight.

Blend and gradation – Taking a step further and using a mix of subtle, complementary colours like these blues and greens you can blend the colours in a gentle gradation layout to produce a fantastic feature wall.

A statement piece – It’s not only your walls or floors that you can fit your Moroccan fish scale tiles too. Taking those DIY instincts further, you could repurpose an old half moon table or cabinet, into a sink, covering both the basin and top in complimentary fish scale tiles.


If you’re looking to update your kitchen then the use of Moroccan fish scale tiles can be an ideal choice, perfect for updating and enhancing your space. The subtlest use of fish scale tiles in the kitchen is as a splashback, here not only can you visually enhance you’re the look of your kitchen, but you can also improve its functionality.

Conservatory and Garden

One of the more unusual places you could use fish scale tiles to decorate your home is a conservatory or outdoor decking or barbecuing area. Here using red and terracotta-coloured fish scale tiles you can bring a feel of the Mediterranean to your home, giving you the perfect place to relax during the summer months.

So, there you have it five fantastic ways you can enhance your home this new year with the use of artisan Moroccan fish scale tiles from Otto Tiles & Design, why not browse our full range today!

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