8 ways to decorate with grey accents

8 ways to decorate with grey accents

8 ways to decorate with grey accents – Let’s talk about grey interiors. This has quickly become a go-to option for many when decorating their homes for both its versatility and sophisticated appearance. Grey accents can be added to almost any home, be that a minimalistic Scandinavian look, a modern contemporary vibe or a classic vintage aesthetic. Incorporating grey tones into your home can and will add depth, balance and, of course, style. But how do you add this new trending colour into your space? Well, here are eight ways in which you can elevate your living spaces by decorating with grey.

One: A Blank Canvas

When beginning the process of adding this aesthetic to your home, you may want to have subtle hints of grey rather than an entirely grey room. So, to achieve this, we will need to start with a neutral colour palette as the foundation of the room. This will be shades of white and beige on walls and for larger pieces of furniture, like the sofa, bed and wardrobes. Now that you have the neutral base ticked off, we can begin to introduce grey accents through smaller decorative elements, such as throw pillows, ornaments, and rugs. Having a neutral backdrop will create a balanced look, allowing the grey to make an impact without becoming too overwhelming.

 Two: Statement Furniture

For a more impactful look, invest in key, long-lasting pieces such as a grey velvet sofa, thick linen curtains and a grey wood media unit to become the focal point in the room. Not only will this add a cohesive appearance by having the same shades throughout the space, but it can also be very practical. Grey is a timeless colour

Now that you have your main items in a beautiful array of grey, you can begin to add more delicate decorative elements in other neutral shades for balance and depth. Greys and neutrals work well together for a modern, contemporary look.

Three: Adding Textures

Opting to use one solid grey throughout an entire room will look flat, dull and overwhelming. To avoid this look, experiment with various shades and textures. Incorporating a gradient of light to dark grey with items like knitted throws, faux fur cushions and framed grey wall prints will bring depth to the room and add more visual interest. Grey can work in two ways: it can become cold and miserable, or it can make a room feel cosy and welcoming – we, of course, want to achieve the latter.

Four: Metallic Accents

Metallics like silver and pewter also fall under the ‘grey’ decor aesthetic. Add hints of these into your room in the form of picture frames, vases and ornaments. With these subtle touches, you will add an extra special feel to your space as well as a touch of sophistication. These also work as reflective materials, which can make your home feel brighter and more spacious as they bounce the natural light.

Five: Accent Walls

For a statement, choose a particular wall in your home and paint this a striking shade of grey or hang a bold, grey patterned wallpaper. Some will opt for this when they want to incorporate a new colour into the room without needing to change everything. A grey statement wall will draw attention to that specific area while providing a wonderful backdrop for a fireplace, gallery wall or floating shelves complemented by decorative elements. This is a fun, unique interior choice that works to your desired look without becoming too overwhelming.

Six: Monochromatic Artwork

If you want to enhance the overall appearance and aesthetic of your space, hang monochromatic prints, art and photography. This could be standalone statement pieces in silver frames or as a carefully created gallery wall. Opting for all monochrome pieces will create a cohesive look that ties together the other grey elements in the room. This is a great way to transform your space, no matter your style.

Seven: Try Out Patterns

When you think of grey, you may think of one flat colour; however, this isn’t the case. You can add grey to the home in many ways, one being patterned items. From geometric bedspreads to floral wallpaper and striped rugs, there are so many patterns out there available for you to use for a unique home. Patterns will break up the monotonous colour scheme by adding an extra visual interest.

Eight: Green Compliments Grey

An entirely grey home, as previously mentioned, can become a little flat – combat this with pops of greenery. Bring your space to life with a selection of indoor plants. The natural greenery will add a refreshing and complimentary contrast to the cool tones you currently have, creating a more welcoming atmosphere. Consider adding your new plants to shelving units, side tables, and window ledges, and using decorative planters for a touch of warmth – they have amazing health benefits, too!

In conclusion, decorating with grey accents offers vast possibilities to enhance the living spaces in your home, be they the bedroom, kitchen, or sitting room. You may prefer to go for a more subtle aesthetic with monochromatic and silver or make the home more contemporary and daring with patterns and multiple textiles; either way, these eight ideas can inspire you to transform your house into a home you love. Happy decorating.

Poppy Watt


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