Home Interior Trends for 2023 That We’ve Seen Before

Home Interior Trends for 2023 That We’ve Seen Before

 There’s something special about home interiors that bring us back to our childhoods

Home Interior Trends for 2023 That We’ve Seen Before – There’s something special about home interiors that bring us back to our childhoods, our own homes, or the homes we grew up in. Like fashion, music, art, and more, what’s popular in interiors comes and goes, but a few of them stand the test of time and return every 20 years or so. Thanks to the rise of fast fashion, we’re seeing trends pop up again more and more frequently as consumers always want what is new and to stay ahead of the curve.

So what trends are coming back around again in 2023? James Waylett from luxury North Yorkshire sheepskin brand, Jacobs & Dalton, shares his thoughts on how we can keep up with re-emerging trends without breaking the bank with every season that passes.

“Some larger trend-led concepts are going nowhere in 2023, such as natural elements and bringing the outside in. We all crave that reconnection with nature after a busy day at work and having textures of the outdoors in your home can help with this – rough stone, soft sheepskin, smooth wood. We suggest investing in home interior accessories that are classic and timeless, those that can be adapted to suit a variety of trends so that you’re not wasting money on trendy pieces that will quickly go out of style. While home décor is cheaper and easier to change up in the long run than architecture, high quality forever finds can last you through many trend cycles.”

Home Interior Trends for 2023 That We’ve Seen Before

Y2K Trend Revival

Y2K style is making its way back into our homes in a big way – think neon hues, metallic accents, and minimalist furniture pieces from the turn of the millennium. With its sleek lines and futuristic vibes, Y2K-inspired home décor is perfect for those who want to make a statement.

This is the perfect example of trend-led culture crossing boundaries from social media into reality, led by Gen Z influencers then trickling down into the mainstream. Their take on the resurgence of this trend is softer and dreamier, characterised by hints of nostalgia, so focus on popular motifs such as butterflies, loud colours, and statement pieces like lava lamps, bean bags, and fluffy cushions.

70s Comeback 

Retro home décor is another classic style that has remained popular for decades. Retro décor features bold patterns and vibrant colours reminiscent of the 1970s. Popular pieces include shag rugs, patterned wallpaper, velvet furniture, statement lighting fixtures, and pops of metallic accents such as brass or chrome fixtures. Incorporating these elements into your existing décor can be easy if you know where to look.

For a modern take that won’t break the bank, think vintage rather than retro: keep an eye out for rare finds in charity shops, Facebook marketplace, or Vinted for smaller accessories, and use investment pieces wisely. Beware though, as micro-trends from the 70s such as rattan are already on their way out, highlighting just how quickly these cyclical trends move!

Home Interior Trends for 2023 That We’ve Seen Before


2023 has sent us into another penny-pinching spin, which means that upcycling old pieces is not only a trend but a necessity. Luckily repurposing furniture and interior accessories isn’t just for those who are DIY savvy, anyone can give it a go by making what was once classed as old new again.

Luckily DIY projects are not just a budget saver, they can add a bit of flavour to a boring corner of your home. It may be as simple as sprucing up an old piece of furniture with a new coat of paint or making a completely original accessory for display on your shelves, or a full room overhaul done with your own fair hands. The appeal of this lies in making a space all completely your own.

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