Work with Nature, not against it, for Better Lawn Care

Work with Nature, not against it, for Better Lawn Care

Work with Nature, not against it, for Better Lawn Care – We all know that mother nature is a force to be reckoned with, we only must look at the way she is fighting back with fervour against climate change.  Drought, floods, and a general change in seasons are showing us that working against nature when it comes to lawn care, really is not an option.  You may say ‘with a friend like this, who needs enemies’ but mother nature can be a friend and a good one if we show her the respect she deserves, and we collaborate with her in a sensible way

But what does it mean to ‘work with nature’ when it comes to lawn care?  It means that we must look at the changes in weather patterns and adjust our lawn care routine accordingly and practice giving our lawn the TLC it deserves in a sustainable manner.

So, what tips can the Lawn Association share with you?

Feeding: Something as simple as feeding your lawn can be done in a sustainable and sensible way.  Some fertilisers do require washing to activate, if this is what you are using it makes sense to wait for any impending rain before applying makes sense.  However, there are organic feeds on the market such as ‘True Grass’ which is produced from composted recycled food waste.  True Grass ensures that your lawn (and more importantly your soils) is fed in the most sustainable way possible, without the risk of scorching!

Scarifying:  This procedure does not mean that you are trying to dominate nature, but instead, giving it a helping hand. Thatch is great for acting as a cooling canopy in hot weather and retaining soil warmth when it is cold.  But too much of it and your grass can struggle and moss can take over. Scarifying your lawn (or pruning) will allow you to manage your thatch and this in turn will mean you never have moss.

Aeration: By regularly aerating your lawn, you allow rainwater to run down into the soil and away from the surface, giving the moss spores less chance to germinate.  All types of bacteria are active in your soils and aeration will get them to work harder and improve your grass environment

Mowing: The Lawn Association always say if it’s growing keep mowing! Grass doesn’t take a holiday (well only a siesta sometimes when there is a drought, and even then, it will grow back in a fighting fashion!).  So, it will keep growing to some extent all year round. If you want a cleaner, quieter, and kinder mow for the environment, battery-powered mowers are the way to go.  The products on offer are endless and STIGA has one of the largest ranges out there, which include innovative robot mowers, walk-behind mowers and even battery tractors!

Sustainable lawn care is here right now….!

David Hedges Gower, Chairman of the Lawn Association states “Good lawn care should always be about working with nature, not against it. The reason why I will never stop urging people not to replace lawns with plastic, concrete or any other sub-strata is that we need living gardens as vital parts of the environment, maintaining biodiversity and keeping us all healthy.”

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