Bring Gardening Joy to Your Dad this Father's Day!

Bring Gardening Joy to Your Dad this Father’s Day!

Bring Gardening Joy to Your Dad this Father’s Day – Are you looking for great gift ideas for gardening-loving dads? If so, we may have some super suggestions.

Men, like people of all genders, can enjoy gardening for a variety of reasons. Gardening allows individuals to connect with nature and the natural world and appreciate its beauty. We may find solace, peace, and a sense of tranquillity in spending time outdoors, tending to plants, and being surrounded by greenery.

Gardening can be a soothing and calming activity offering a sense of accomplishment when watching plants grow and thrive, this can be incredibly rewarding, it also involves various physical tasks such as digging, lifting, watering, and pruning, which can provide a form of exercise and promote physical well-being. All in all, gardening requires care, effort, and patience, and seeing the fruits of one’s labour can bring a sense of satisfaction and joy.

So, on June 18th after spoiling your pop with his favourite breakfast, why not whisk away the cutlery and replace it with a trowel with which to enjoy some great gardening adventures?!

Red and white sunflowers that are fit for a King!

Our friends at Burpee Europe have some inspirational ideas when it comes to seeds and planting. So, get your dad into the garden this year for a Father’s Day to remember.

Amuse…with great hues!

There is still time to sow the brand new, gold medal-winning Sunflower ‘Desire Red’, and the fabulous Aubergine ‘Violet Knight’ and if you don’t have a big garden, this will do just fine in pots on the patio too!

Find your dad’s inner Mr Fawlty with some new BASIL!

Burpee Seeds Europe has two new varieties which can be sown at any time of year and will enhance dishes, cocktails and even ice cream.

Basil ‘Batik’ is stunning to look at and even better to eat, it has significant cold tolerance and flowers late in the season, but the autumn show is worth the wait. Whilst Basil ‘Spicy Sabre’ has a distinct spicy taste making this variety perfect for Asian dishes. Even Sybil would approve!

Grow for a healthy treat!

We all want our dads to be healthy, and one way of achieving this is to grow as many colourful veggies as possible.  Growing a crop of flavourful, nutrient-rich vegetables that strengthen your immune system and add vibrant hues to your outdoor area is good for the body and the soul! Planting a garden full of vibrant vegetables fosters a diverse diet loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that support your immune system, while a dazzling medley of varieties such as Radish ‘Royal Purple’ and new Tomato ‘Black Moon’ add appetizing eye candy to your garden and your salad bowl!

Are you looking for great gift ideas for gardening-loving dads? If so, we may have some super suggestions.

Lawn Association – ‘Father’s Day’ discount for online course

The Lawn Association team know that many of us struggle to think of something a little different to give our dads on Father’s Day. Therefore, their online lawn care course is the perfect gift for dads who dote on their lawns!  Since the launch of the course last year there have been many happy customers!  The aim of the lawn care course has been to provide an easy way of establishing an essential foundation of lawn care knowledge and skills.  It also offers ideas for the best modern sustainable lawn care techniques and helps to clear up many of the confusing myths centred around looking after lawns.

To find out how you can sign up for the course and to see all the topics that are covered go to:

For a discount of 10% off the online course.  Simply add this code FATHERSDAY10 when joining on the sign-up form.

Valid from 1st June 2023 – 20th June 2023

Bring Gardening Joy to Your Dad this Father's Day!

The STIGA team know how hard buying pressies for garden-loving dads can be, especially when it feels like they already have everything they need.

STIGA’s wide selection of products is not limited to mowers of all shapes and sizes, there is a veritable treasure trove of handheld treats too, which are ideal as go-to gardening gifts!

Battery power is becoming the ever-popular greener alternative to fossil fuels for STIGA’s garden equipment and mowers.  STIGA ePower batteries offer all the power of petrol and are cleaner, quieter, and emission-free.

Adaptable and lightweight, the MT 100e Kit multi-tool, ensures that there is no need to climb ladders to take care of tall bushes and trees. Just plug in the hedge trimmer or pruner saw attachment, extend the telescopic shaft, and you’ll complete those essential gardening jobs quickly and easily, all while standing safely on the ground.

This is a light and powerful cordless multi-tool, comprising a telescopic shaft, hedge trimmer attachment and pruner attachment, that can easily trim and prune hard-to-reach bushes and trees. And with a 112° rotating cutting head, you’ll easily find the most comfortable working angle for you.

Super practical, and pretty cool the VS 100e cordless vacuum shredder is the ultimate garden tidying tool. Lightweight, easy to use and energy efficient it not only blows leaves and debris away but can also simply vacuum and shred them into tiny pieces which collect in the 45-litre collector.

Blow, suck, and shred to your heart’s content, because this tool is powered by STIGA ePower 20V batteries for a longer run time! 

Dads who love their gardens will find mowing their lawns a breeze. This machine floats like a dream and allows the user to mow with the flow!  The ‘Aero’ combines top quality with low cost, and it will hover over the longest grass and quickly cut it down to size.  It is ideal for small gardens up to 100 sqm and will work equally well on level, uneven…or even steep terrain!

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