Winter-Ready: Getting Your Room Cosy and Comfortable

Winter-Ready: Getting Your Room Cosy and Comfortable

Winter-Ready: Getting Your Room Cosy and Comfortable – A comfortable bedroom can do a lot for you after a long day of work. It’s crucial that no matter how busy your life is, you have somewhere that you can cut out all the noise. And with winter coming, the last thing you want is to feel chilly in your own bedroom, so warmth also becomes a priority.

Could your bedroom use a few cosy finishing touches to make it winter-ready? Here are a few ideas.


The central piece of every bedroom is the bed, so this is the logical place to start. Do you have some cosy bedding that will see you through those colder months? If not, now could be the time to get some.

A naturally hypo-allergenic and heat-preserving wool duvet could be what you need. Alternatively, look for a conventional duvet with a tog of 13.5 or above for winter. If your bedroom is particularly chilly in the winter, get the maximum 15 tog rating.

After a cosy and luxurious way to dress up your bed for warmth and comfort? Treat yourself to a new bedding set with teddy fleecing. A Sherpa throw or a fleecy cushion is another warm way to prep your winter bedroom.


If your bedroom floor is made from laminate or wood, it probably looks very classy but needs a touch of cosiness. That’s exactly what you can achieve with a large, fabric rug.

The best place to put it is between the bed and the door. This means that in the absence of slippers, you don’t have to bear the sensation first thing in the morning.

You may also find the rug has an insulating effect, which is great news for energy efficiency as well as personal comfort.


Have you noticed that you feel cosier and happier when the lighting looks warmer? Your bedroom’s main light is just a foundation. Go for more of an ambience by layering with other, smaller lighting fixtures.

Look for standing lamps to fill any dark corners in your room and if you don’t already have a bedside table lamp, consider one. Opt for fixtures that take a lightbulb with a warm light. Cool white lights can make a space feel cold and clinical.


Adding a candle or three to your bedroom will really amp up the cosiness factor. For winter, look for candles with cinnamon, apple or sandalwood scents.

Tealight holders with transparent surrounds that are tinted with a warmer shade can add another nice touch. You’ll enjoy the flickering reflections they cast on your walls.


If you are into Halloween or Christmas, decorating your bedroom for these themes can cheer any bedroom up during the winter months.

For Halloween, a few sophisticated pumpkin decorations or string lights can look quite effective. Lantern tealight holders can look great, no matter what part of the colder months you’re in.

At Christmas, a miniature pre-lit tree can bring life to any forgotten bedroom corner or desk.

Starting to feel the winter blues? A few small modifications might be all your bedroom needs to make it the mood-boosting, winter-ready space you’ve been dreaming of!

Poppy Watt 

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