Why wood is an excellent choice for home interiors

Why wood is an excellent choice for home interiors

Why wood is an excellent choice for home interiorsThere is something about wood interiors that will always be liked, as they add a touch of class and sophistication to any part of a house. Wood is a timeless material that will make owners feel more connected to nature, which can only benefit them. This type of material is suitable for each room in a house, be it the bedroom, living room and kitchen, as it is stylish and will add value to any space. Plus, wood is an excellent alternative to making greener choices and reducing the negative environmental impact. Also, the benefits don’t stop with the enhanced look of a room, but also with the advantages it brings to our wellbeing, from having a good effect on our mental health to retaining heat in a house. 

Here is why you should consider wood elements in your house:

It is a renewable material

Wood is a renewable material with many benefits for people’s health, as it absorbs carbon dioxide. And, because we are in a climate crisis, it is more critical than ever to consider eco-friendly options, as in this way, we will not harm the environment more and reduce our carbon footprint. The big differences start with small changes, which will happen if you adopt simple but effective measures, like opting for wood furniture instead of other materials. Also, wood is known for retaining heat more than any other material (seven times more than ceramic tiles), which is essential to have a naturally warmer space and reduce the energy needed to heat it. 

It is durable

Wood is one of the most durable materials, so if you opt for it, it will last many years, and you will not need to worry that you will have to change the furniture every few years. This is why a lot of wood elements have passed from one generation to another and are still in good condition, even after several years. 

But, as there are many types of wood, you might have a challenging time deciding which one is the most suitable for you. Here is some information about the types of wood you can opt for: 

  • Pine is a lightweight, inexpensive wood that can be white or yellowish with brown knots. You will often find it in rustic pieces, like farmhouse-style drawers and tables. Pine is low-cost and develops a rustic and beautiful patina with time. Also, this type is suitable for kids’ rooms, as it can be painted easily. But because it is softwood, it is very prone to scratches. 
  • Maple is usually creamy white but can also have a reddish tinge. As it is one of the hardest wood species, it is often used for heavy furniture, like kitchen cabinets and dressers. It is ultra-durable but at the same time affordable and will look great for several years. 
  • Oak comes in many alternatives, like white and red oak, and is an excellent choice as it tends to be water-resistant. Also, because it is so durable, it is also considered for cooking spaces, and oak kitchens are very popular, and a lot of people opt for them. 
  • Walnut ranges from chocolate brown to a yellow hue, and it is usually oiled or clear-coated to bring out its natural colour. It is very strong and can also have intricate carvings, but it is more expensive than the other options. 

It is stylish

Wood is a versatile material that has been used repeatedly over the years. It is very stylish, which is why it has seen so much evolution, being used in chalets, residential interiors, villas, and commercial buildings, and the list can continue. No matter what style you have adopted in your house, wood will add depth, character and complexity to your house. Plus, as it comes in various textures, tones and grains, you can add a unique and customisable choice to your home. 

Wood brings warmth to each room and goes well with any colour theme and style of your house, be it traditional, vintage, or contemporary and modern. And with this material, you will incorporate nature into your home, and any room will look lovely and cohesive with wood. 

It is versatile

Wood is very versatile, which is why you can incorporate it into many elements in your house, like cabinetry, flooring, wall décor, or ceiling. For example, wood looks amazing in furniture pieces, like tables, chairs, beds, or drawers. As it is sturdy, robust, and looks impressive, wood is the main material used for furniture items because it adds texture and warmth to any room in your house. 

Wood has been very considered lately also for the wall décor, as it looks unique and brings many attributes to your space. Now, people want their walls to be personalised and reflect their tastes, so wooden interior design on walls comes with panelling in different shapes, colours, designs and sizes. This panelling is also functional, as it skillfully hides wires needed for television, gaming devices or music systems. 

Also, wood will look stunning on the ceiling, and if you are bored of your house and want to add something unique, this may be the best option for you. And because now, people want to have high ceilings as they bring more volume to a house, making it look more spacious, wood ceilings have become more popular. 

But the most popular use of wood in interior design is in the flooring. Wood flooring can be integrated into bedrooms, offices, balconies, living rooms, and any other area that can cross your mind. It will add a classic touch to any home and instantly make any room look more elegant. 

 Final words

Wood is an excellent choice for interior design as it is a material that will always have a timeless appeal and look fantastic even after some years. Experts also agree that wood is an amazing option because it is a natural material that can lower anxiety and stress at home. 

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