Brighten up with Sparkle Lighting

Brighten up with Sparkle Lighting

Brighten up with Sparkle Lighting – There is something about the lighting that can transform a space from a cold, gloomy corner into an inviting, cosy hub.

Women Talking chats to Thalia the founder and owner of Sparkle lighting but above all the curator of the prettiest lights, to bring more sparkle to your world. 

A passion for interior design and being able to bring an area to life with lighting was the inspiration behind the business.

“When I was renovating my own house, I realised what a difference lighting can make to space but found it hard to find items that I loved at a good price.” Comments Thalia.” I saw this as an opportunity to create something special and fun that would bring joy to other people’s lives.”

“Previously, I was working in International sales for product companies in the hair and beauty industry, which became challenging with family life and having my children at home. I realised a change in career direction was on the cards and looked at the things I enjoyed in life. Marrying the combination of my love of interiors and interior products and my desire for an online shop seemed the perfect solution to be able to work around my family.”

“Naturally, there has been many highs and lows working for myself, but these are the perils of running your own business. It is a roller coaster ride for sure. The highs are the days when the orders pile in and you are getting great feedback from your customers. The lows are when the delivery companies let you down and you have no control.”

“My overall mission is to offer a selection of beautiful, affordable statement lights that will bring more sparkle to your home and garden. They all offer a unique look and feel to space. I have found that the popularity of the styles changes with the seasons, but the starburst fairy lights are very popular as they can be used both inside and out, allowing you to move them around the house according to the time of year. The festoon lights are starting to sell really well now and will carry on into the summer. In addition, will have a solar lighting range for outdoors which is coming in March.”

Women Talking looks at the benefits of creative lighting:

Brighten up with Sparkle Lighting

Lighting can set the mood adding ambience to space. If you want to create a specific mood in your home, lighting is the way to do it. You can make a room warm, minimalistic, or even romantic by using lighting to your advantage. This can be on an intimate or larger scale if perhaps you are organising a special event like a party or a wedding. Lighting can set the scene adding personality and an extension of your own personal taste.

Improve your health – There is a range of health benefits that can come from both natural and artificial light. Natural light from the sun can improve your mood and ward off depression. Artificial light can act in a similar fashion by helping the brain to produce more serotonin and less melatonin, reducing depression and lightening your mood.

Creates added interest and a focal point. Lighting comes in a variety of different options. You can select from intricate pieces that can create a focal point in your home or you can create an entire room around a well-chosen light as this can dictate the look and style that you are going for. 

Enhances Your indoor or outdoor Space – There is nothing more welcoming and inviting than a creatively lit space. Adding more lighting in your home can prevent shadows and dark spots that can look drab and uncared for. Sparkle lighting carries a mixed range of decorative lights for the home including plug-in fairy lights, battery-powered fairy lights, decorative stars and neon lights.

For garden lighting, there is nothing more appealing than the Sparkle lighting fairy lights in copper and silver. The longest length of 20m is perfect for decorating a pergola or to dangle from a tree and the short- battery-powered are perfect if you don’t have a plug.

Great gifts – Carrying a unique range. Sparkle Lighting offers perfect gifts to help you add a bit of extra sparkle to the lives of your friends and families.

For more information visit Sparkle Lighting here

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