Why Restore Rather than Replace?

Why Restore Rather than Replace?

Why Restore Rather than Replace? Your Top Questions about Metal Window Restoration Answered.

Here in the UK, we have the advantage of numerous historic properties – old buildings that can benefit from our restoration efforts. And we’re talking about not just famous historic buildings – such as the Houses of Parliament or the Tower of London – we’re referring to simple private residences or abodes that have a bit of history behind them – and as the owners of such properties, we want to be able to preserve their historical and cultural significance in the best possible way. Take the windows, for example. If you have a property with metal windows, you have two choices – restoring or replacing them. And experts say that it’s better to restore rather than replace. But why? Here are your top questions about metal window restoration now answered.

Aesthetic appeal

Without question, the metal windows in your property are a vital component that contributes to your building’s aesthetic appeal. It is a significant part of the façade of your building, and it is essential that you preserve it – metal windows that need repair will clearly show, and this will spoil the building’s aesthetic. For example, rust or corrosion is a widespread issue – but the frames are still in good condition, so why replace them when all you have to do is treat the windows and seal them properly? Many homeowners know that restoring their windows is a better deal than replacing them because the windows themselves retain their former beauty.

Improved maintenance and functionality

One significant advantage you can gain from restoring your window frames and glass is that it improves maintenance and functionality. You can, for instance, choose to restore the metal frames and bring new life into them by restoring the hinges and handles. However, metal frames that have aged can indeed be challenging to close and open – and this is where a specialist in metal window restoration can come in. They will know just what to do to restore the functionality of your metal windows and will make sure they are easy to operate in no time.

Better safety

Whilst we cannot deny the importance of ensuring that your property’s windows are aesthetically appealing and go well with the other features of your property, there’s also the question of safety. Metal window restorers will make sure of the windows’ structural integrity and strength, and they will ensure that both the glass and window frame will not be easily damaged or broken. What’s more, they will consider better privacy as well.

Good value for money

Lastly, another benefit of restoration over replacement is good value for money. In other words, it is a better option than a replacement because it will help you save money over the long term. For example, you can save money since it can give you improved insulation and lower your heating bills. You can also benefit from a weather seal, which can enhance the resistance of the window frames to wind and rain. Also, when you don’t have draught, you can greatly decrease your energy bills and benefit from a warmer and cosier abode the whole year.

Another advantage of metal window restoration is that it is less expensive compared to the removal and replacement of the frames. And when you keep your metal windows in good condition, you can enjoy many years of use.

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