7 Ways to Accessorize Your Home with Plants

7 Ways to Accessorize Your Home with Plants

7 Ways to Accessorize Your Home with Plants – Whether you are a novice in matters of plants or a seasoned plant parent, you know that adopting these green babies into your space makes a remarkable difference. Different experts recommend liven-up your home by introducing plants.

Greenery-inspired interior design is gaining popularity, thanks to social media platforms. However, this is not a fad like many others and is not about to fade anytime soon. More people are enlightened on the benefits of houseplants and embracing the idea.

The friendly costs and convenience of getting home plants are another reason more personal spaces turn green. At the press of a button, you can have same-day plant deliveries from the comfort of your home. But there is more than aesthetic appeal when bringing plants into your home, and here are some science-backed benefits of indoor gardening.

Improve indoor air quality: Different studies have confirmed that plants are a great way to naturally freshen and purify the air. Species like a spider plant, Boston fern, rubber tree, and focus are some of the most effective.

Improve Outlook on Work: Reports from research that interviewed about 440 amazon employees in America and India found indoor plants boost job satisfaction. According to the report, employees whose office environment includes natural elements like plants showed more commitment and handled job-related stressors better.

7 Ways to Accessorize Your Home with Plants

Indoor plants promote wellness: Plants are therapeutic, and for many years horticulture therapy has been used to boost the well-being of people with conditions like dementia, anxiety, and depression, among others. Flowers and plants also speed up your recovery from illness, surgery, and injury.

Shelve them Up

Hang a shelf over the window to take advantage of the space. On the stand, put plants with long vines and then let them hang down. Ensure they do not disrupt anyone or cover focal points.

Floating shelves add flair to your interior, but your space is beautifully redefined when you crown the shelves with plants. You can also consider placing larger plants on the shelves to maximize the floor space.

Pet parents and households will appreciate the intelligent solution of thinking up as fur babies like running around and can knock over plants.

Fill Corners with plants.

No shelf is too tiny to accommodate a beautiful plant pot. When it comes to flowers, utilize every inch of available space to showcase your favourite bloom.

Plants that do well in the corners crave low light and will thrive in the dark house corners. Species like philodendron, Boston fern, ZZ plant, aglaonema, and spider plant are among the most suitable plants that thrive with minimum light.

Utilize the house corners with pots of flowers where possible, whether on the shelves or the floor.

Floor Plants

The best pick for the floor plants is the big and tall ones. Whether you use them to fill a corner or place them against a tall wall. You can display many pieces together to create a lush forest-feel corner in your space. Large plants independently display a bold statement in any room.

At the Entrance 

Let the world know your love for flowers and plants when they walk in from the door. Nothing welcomes people into your space better than plants on the entryway. While you have the liberty to put any plants you wish anywhere; there are better choices that suit your entry best. Some plants need plenty of sunlight and will only thrive if your entryway is well-lit.

The best plants for an entryway are tall ones that look like trees. Get a bar cart or console table to give life to your entrance by having a few pots with plants. Fiddle-leaf fig tree, a string of pearls, split-leaf philodendron, and croton plant are some examples of beautiful entry plants.

Plants for your Home Office

You need all your creative juices and inspiration for fresh ideas in your home office. Nothing does it better than indoor plants. Find a spot for the perfect flowers that add colour to your home office and when combined with the house plants, the results are heavenly.

An indoor garden in the office makes your space outstanding, boosts productivity, and reduces stress levels. Have an excellent selection to place on your office desk, bookshelf, and another one on the corner. Snake plant, Peace lily, and Yuka area are a few samples suitable for your working space. You can also consider trailing plants like mistletoe cactus or chain of hearts that can spill over the shelves and drip from suspended hanging baskets.

Houseplants in the Bathroom and Toilets! 

The trend of indoor plants has invaded every house room, including the bathroom and toilet. Does it sound weird? It is not. Having greenery in your bathroom will give the room a tropical feel.

A high humidity level in the bathroom is among what your plants need to thrive. Also, indoor plants cleanse the air. Get some for the shelves, windows, and a corner. The Claude, devil’s ivy golden pothos, and English Ivy Baltic trailing vine plant are among the best plants living in the bathroom and toilet.

Plant Shelf

If you are extra when it comes to greenery and you want the world to understand, get a shelf exclusive to plants. Dedicate a shelf to host a collection of different home plants.

When others invest and take pride in big TV sets, you can make plants the main event of your space. If you choose this option, pay close attention to the plant pots, and type you choose. Uniform flowerpots and the arrangement of your plants of choice should synchronize in your home. Try and get the same plant size in a row for the display.


Social media platforms are an excellent resource for almost anything that exists. Whether you are new to indoor gardening or have had several years of experience in the same, you will get new ideas that sharpen your knowledge.

Like anything else, plants need nurturing to grow. If your schedule is extremely tight, go for resilient species that need little water, sunshine, and other nutrients.

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