6-Point Checklist for Planning a Long Drive to Edinburgh

6-Point Checklist for Planning a Long Drive to Edinburgh

6-Point Checklist for Planning a Long Drive to Edinburgh – Edinburgh is among the most vibrant and impressive cities in the United Kingdom. It offers enough to draw in millions of tourists every year, on top of all of the visitors who arrive for professional reasons.

If you’re planning a road trip to the Scottish capital, you’ll want to be sure that you’re prepared for the drive. Let’s run through all of the checks you’ll want to perform before setting out.

Vehicle Maintenance

Your car will need to be fit for purpose. Check that your tyres are adequately inflated, and that the tread depth is well above the legal minimum of 1.6mm. Make sure that the brakes work, and that essential fluids, like oil, coolant, and screen wash, are topped up. If possible, take the car in for a full service before you set out.

Route Planning

Your journey will need to be mapped out, at least in a general sense. By planning the route, you’ll be able to decide where you’ll visit along the way. If there’s a particular service station, or point of interest, you want to visit, then it’s better to plan for it.

Packing Essentials

You’ll need to make sure that you have the supplies you need for the trip. This means packing an emergency kit, filled with things like first-aid supplies, blankets, torches, jumper cables and snacks. Keep a supply of essential items like snacks and drinks. Nuts will fill you up and keep you satisfied in a way that crisps will not. You can pick up coffee and tea along the way – just be wary of the danger of spilling hot drinks on your lap.

Weather Considerations

Adverse weather conditions can interrupt your trip. This risk might be greater depending on the time of year at which you’re travelling. Check the forecast in advance, and look for the Met Office’s weather warnings. Prepare for weather-related challenges. Make sure that your wipers are new and fit for purpose. Ensure that you have the right insurance policy. Make sure that you have a raincoat, too.


Hotels can quickly fill up in Edinburgh, especially if you’re travelling during the festival, or during the school holidays. To avoid disappointment, you’ll want to be sure that you book well in advance. This way, you won’t have to contend with the stress and expense of looking for a bed at the last minute.


Finally, you should think about how you’ll remain entertained on the drive. If you’re going to be spending hours on the motorway, the right audiobook can make the time fly by. Don’t choose anything too intellectual or demanding, since you need your attention to be on the road, especially at important junctions.

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