When Autumn Calls

When Autumn Calls

When Autumn Calls – When autumn comes calling, Mountfield come cutting, blowing, sucking, strimming and shredding!

Leaves and debris on lawns can offer a warm and damp place for unwanted diseases to enjoy a winter staycation, and we don’t want that! So, although there is a chill in the air, and the frequency of the use of your garden may be declining, it is still just as important to keep your garden tidy and in tip-top shape before winter is upon us.

I have been thrilled with my new Mountfield battery-operated lawnmower, the ease of use, and convenience have transformed my view of cutting the grass turning it from a chore to an enjoyable experience.

To help out with my other garden tasks, new for this year, the MVS 20 Li Kit Battery Blower/Vac Shredder is the ultimate garden tidy tool.  It is lightweight and cleaner for you and the environment!  This leaf blower has been designed with comfort in mind, the two front wheels allow for easy manoeuvrability and provide support for longer working periods.

When switched to shredder mode the leaves and debris are sucked up the tube where the blade cuts and shreds them into tiny pieces.

I have many areas in the garden covered with large, stoned shingle and to be honest trying to rake or sweep the leaves does not work, you do need the correct tool for the job and thankfully Mountfield has created it.

When Autumn Calls

After clearing your lawn of debris, you can tidy up the edges with the Mountfield MTR 20 Li Cordless Grass Trimmer/Brush Cutter.  Lawns are still growing after lying dormant for parts of the very dry summer, so the ease of use, energy efficiency and convenience of cordless of the MTR 20 Li is perfect when it comes to an autumn grass haircut.

The MTR 20 Li grass trimmer is easy to use, energy-efficient and offers the convenience of being cordless – ideal for the smaller garden.

The 2Ah STIGA E-Power 20V lithium-Ion battery provides the convenience of a running time of up to 20 minutes on a single charge, giving me plenty of time to get the job done.

This grass trimmer comes with a telescopic shaft with 6 adjustable positions along a length of 170mm allowing the length to be adjusted to match your height, which again, I found a nice touch. The adjustable shaft, soft grip handle and adjustable loop handle make the MTR 20 Li easy and comfortable to use even on those more challenging cutting jobs.

The MTR 20 Li is fitted with a space bracket for precise and efficient trimming around plants and other objects in your garden – that can be folded out or down as required.

The adjustable moving head can be easily angled for comfortable trimming in areas with obstacles. The compact battery placement ensures that the MTR 20 Li is optimally balanced, and the streamlined design creates plenty of room to manoeuvre around your garden.

All the above products are part of the Freedom100 range and as such, enjoy the advantages of the interchangeability of the ePower smart battery-powered units which can be used for all garden tools and lawnmowers within the range.

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