Gardening Made Simple with Mountfield

Gardening Made Simple with Mountfield

Gardening Made Simple with Mountfield – Research has shown that in the UK in 2020, 12.5% of lawn mower sales were battery and this trend is projected to increase to 23% by 2025.  Not only on trend but much easier and cleaner to use, batteries are rapidly becoming the product of choice when replacing petrol and electric cables in the garden.

The super-intelligent Lithium-Ion batteries are at the heart of the Mountfield cordless ranges.

These batteries recognise the gardening tool or mower that they are fitted to and tune the power appropriately to maximise battery life and deliver the right amount of power to get the job done!

This wonderful invention, which is believed to be a world first, is helping gardeners across the land, join in with our Mountfield ‘Quiet Revolution’; focusing on delivering a cleaner, safer and more reliable energy supply.

Gardening Made Simple with MountfieldWomen Talking took great joy in taking The Electress 30 Li 20V Lithium-ion battery-powered lawnmower in the freedom100 range on a test run.

With no fumes and no starting problems, the Electress 30 Li cordless lawnmower is a real pleasure to use. This little cordless mower is incredibly energy efficient, lightweight to manoeuvre and ideal for small to medium-sized gardens like my own. There was no worry regarding the usual plugging in paraphernalia and certainly no fear of running over a cord, improving my lawn cutting experience to no end.

Combined with the latest STIGA E-Power 20V Lithium-ion battery and electric motor technology this mower delivers great running times and is incredibly energy efficient.

The Electress 30 Li mower has a 30cm cutting width, is hand-propelled and features 3 cutting heights ranging from 30-70mm, which is useful for your all-year cutting. During very hot periods, typically at the height of the summer, it’s recommended that you cut your lawn a little longer than usual. The reason behind this is simple. The shorter you cut the grass, the more you expose the soil to the sun’s heat.

I like to raise my mower blades and let the grass grow longer for several reasons:

  • Long grass is healthy grass. It can absorb more sunlight for making food. It can put down stronger roots, withstand disease, be harder wearing and recover from wear more quickly.
  • Just raising your lawn blades a few centimetres can dramatically increase biodiversity in your lawn. Something gardeners should all be aiming for. More beetles and insects, means more birds and less pests. An increase in biodiversity will mean a healthier lawn and garden.
  • In the wetter months of autumn and winter, worm casts can be a problem. Worms are fantastic for your lawn, but their casts can be a nuisance. The easy way to reduce their visibility is to let your grass grow longer. The casts will not be noticed, and your lawn will look healthy.
  • Long grass puts down a much deeper root system. It also holds more water and a thicker cover over the soil reduces moisture loss. Longer grass also captures more morning dew. Longer lawns stay greener for longer during dry weather periods.
  • Longer grass is less stressed. If you keep stressing your grass by mowing all the leaves off, it must rush to replace these leaves to survive. A thick, long lawn does not grow as quickly as a short lawn. I suggest you experiment with your cutting heights and try it for yourself!

The clever design of the mower has also incorporated grooved wheels for better traction when mowing and a polypropylene chassis that is not only lightweight but also rust-proof too.

Your grass cuttings are blown into the 30-litre collector that is easy to remove for emptying and the handles fold over for storage purposes.

The 20V 4Ah battery and standard charger are included and with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty this mower is a  great garden addition.

The freedom100 range of garden tools offers the perfect solution for any small job in smaller gardens. Lightweight and easy to use without the mess and fumes of petrol, this cordless battery range offers great value for money.

Mountfield began manufacturing rotary lawnmowers at a premises in Maidenhead in 1962. The modern mowers today bear little resemblance but do still represent the same quality and value for money that the original mowers were built to.

Their lawnmowers have become part of family life for many of their customers, who have used our mowers for generations. They love our trademark reliability, performance, and friendly customer service.

All the battery lawnmowers and hand-held tools in the cordless Mountfield ranges, are built from lightweight, robust materials.  Whether mowing, cutting, trimming, or clearing, they are as powerful and long-lasting as their petrol equivalents but with none of the noise, fumes, and hassle of engine maintenance.

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