Get Your Garden Growing: 5 Top Tips for Composting Success

Get Your Garden Growing: 5 Top Tips for Composting Success

Get Your Garden Growing: 5 Top Tips for Composting Success. As the excitement of springtime fills the air, it’s time to dust off those gardening gloves and get ready for a season of growth and greenery.

To help you make the most of this eco-friendly practice, STIGA has teamed up with ‘Marldon Community Composting’ to bring you their top five composting tips.

Since its launch in 2021, the composting group based in Devon, has been growing in members and offers a place where locals can take their bulky garden waste for it to be composted into usable garden soil conditioner.

Tip 1: Follow the Compost Heap Recipe
Creating the perfect compost heap is like cooking up a delicious meal – it’s all about the right ingredients in the right proportions. Remember to layer equal parts of wet* and dry* materials in your compost container, whether it’s a ‘Dalek’ or a pallet bin. From fruit and veggie scraps to wood chips and cardboard, mix it up for a recipe that Mother Nature will love.

Tip 2: Keep It Covered
Just like us, compost heaps don’t enjoy getting soaked in the rain. To prevent your precious pile from turning into a soggy mess, make sure to cover it up during wet weather. A simple tarp or cover will do the trick, keeping your compost cosy and dry until the sun comes out again.

Tip 3: Embrace the Heat
Did you know that heat is your compost heap’s best friend? The hotter it gets, the faster your materials will break down into rich, nutrient-packed compost. So don’t be afraid to let things heat up – just sit back and watch nature work its magic.

Tip 4: Speed Things Up with a Turn
Feeling a bit impatient? We’ve all been there. If you’re eager to see results sooner rather than later, give your compost heap a good turn and mix it up to let in some much-needed air. It’s like giving your pile a little wake-up call, encouraging it to break down even faster.

Tip 5: Prep Ahead for Success
Planning makes perfect, especially when it comes to composting. Keep your dry materials stored in a dry spot, ready to go whenever you’re mowing the lawn or adding a fresh layer of WET materials to your heap. With everything on hand, you’ll be composting like a pro in no time.

So there you have it – five expert-approved tips to take your composting game to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just getting started, there’s never been a better time to embrace the wonderful world of composting. So grab your pitchfork and get ready to turn those scraps into gold. Happy composting, everyone!

WET materials include:- fruit and vegetable waste, grass clippings, green leaves, soft hedge prunings, tea leaves, coffee grounds

DRY materials include:- wood chips, shreddings, old dry plant stems, paper, cardboard

More information about the ‘Marldon Community Composting Group’ can be found on their Facebook page or you can contact them at Tel: 07773304155 or Email:

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