VIVA La Gardening with Magenta Hues!

VIVA La Gardening with Magenta Hues!

VIVA La Gardening with Magenta Hues! – The Burpee Europe team are tickled pink (well pinkish-purplish-red) to see that the Pantone colour of the year is Viva Magenta! Bringing bright colours like this into your garden has been proven to result in feelings of happiness, confidence & optimism…and when is that ever a bad thing?!

As you can see, they have placed a sneaky image of their brand new, compact sunflower ‘Desire Red’ in our magenta montage.  Yes, yes, we know this is not strictly the correct colour, but it is close enough to warrant showing off their Fleuroselect Gold Medal-winning stunner again…can you blame them?!

Sunflower ‘Desire Red’ – NEW for 2023

A truly stunning breakthrough in sunflower breeding, this is the first compact red variety suitable for planting or sowing in both beds and borders as well as in larger patio containers. This winner can be cultivated very successfully as a high-quality pot plant, especially in 3-litre containers, but is also suitable for production in smaller pots.

Swiss Chard ‘Red Magic’

Steam it, salad it, Sautee it or bake it…this chard is bursting with joie de vivre!  It is a vigorous red variety that keeps right on coming as fast as you can harvest it. Picked young and tender, the cranberry-red stems and glossy green-to-merlot-coloured leaves enliven green salads. The mature stems and leaves are savoury and so very versatile.

Verbascum ‘Snowy Spires’

Bees will be busy!!! Crisp pure white florets dance atop lush, green foliage in this stately perennial. This long country charmer has gained elegance and sophistication with Burpee’s breeding. The floral spikes punctuate your perennial beds with a graceful presence.

Ipomoea ‘Party Dress’

Good climbing annuals are rare, but this ipomoea is truly outstanding. The exceptional magenta-pink and white bicolour flowers are borne in profusion on the tall growing plants. Ideal for training on fences or growing up support or in a border as a focal point. This variety is extremely resilient and will perform in Northern European summers as well as in the Mediterranean.

Viva the magenta gardening and sow some joy this year!

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