Uspaah – Your spa at home

Uspaah – Your spa at home

Poppy Watt talks to Iglika Ghouse, founder of Uspaah a top-end mobile spa service in London. Iglika found a hole in the market when trying to satisfy her own needs when working in the city.

Uspaah specialise in catering for people with hectic lives and refined lifestyles bringing qualified health and beauty professionals to your doorstep whether at home, work or hotel within an hour of booking. 

In general, we are now more aware of the health benefits of taking time out of our busy schedule for some ‘me time’. Stress impacts our physical and emotional wellbeing profoundly, and more and more people are starting to understand the long-term wellness benefits of regular treatments such as massages. Treating yourself is not a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity. 

What inspired you to start this business?– “I started the company in 2015, as I was constantly struggling to fit treatments in my busy schedule as an investment banker. Nearby salons and spas never had availability last minute, or shut at 6pm, which made it impossible to go during the week”. 

Why are people turning to a home spa service?– “In a word, convenience. The same reason why we order Deliveroo, or use Uber. Our Sparistas come to your house 7am-10pm, we’re available same day in most London areas so you don’t need to book that far in advance, and you don’t need to travel to a salon or spa”. 

What is your most popular service?– “Most popular treatment is Massage, followed by Nails and then Eyelash Extensions and Spray Tan”. 

Do you find you have more women or men clients?– “We certainly have more female clients, but at least 30% of our clientele is male, which surprises most people, but not me, as I planned our branding, and services to cater to a unisex audience”. 

What location area does your service cover?– “We cover London zones 1-6”.

Why do we feel have less time for ourselves?– “If you live in a big city such as London, it is almost inevitable to become part of the fast-paced culture, so one has to actively “plan” me-time. Between work, kids and social life, you may feel entirely overwhelmed, but even a 1hr relaxing treatment of your choice every 2-3 weeks can do absolute wonders for you. Trust me, I’m an expert”. 

What is the beauty academy, can anyone attend or just professionals?– “Our new VTCT accredited Mobile Beauty Academy is open to anyone that wants to learn how to perform and deliver expert beauty treatments at home. We have short 1-day master classes, which are more suitable for people with some existing experience, or full 3-7 days classes that would be more suitable for students that are just starting out”. 

As well as a regular massage Iglika finds staying active helps her to take her mind off of work. Although she tries to run at least 5k a week, a yoga class, or swim, and taking her 4 month old baby and dog for a walk in the park are all perfect contributors.

For more information and to make your booking visit here

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