Welcome to the World of Essential oils

The World of Essential Oils

The World of Essential OilsJayne Bennett has been working with Essential oils in the health field for over 20 years, as a trainer and practitioner and has seen the many benefits of essential oil first-hand.

My interest peaked when I questioned for example, why does Eucalyptus Oil help you to breathe and why does Lavender Oil help you sleep, it enticed me into learning more and having a deeper involvement with this amazing treatment which does not just benefit the user by the incredible smells but they are designed to heal, balance and give a sense of vibrancy. 

Every essential oil has its unique vibration, what that means is the chemical component of that oil relates perfectly to your body but also uniquely to a particular area of the body just like magic! 

With many experimental tests with the essential oils in my office and lots of research I discovered that the essential oils when applied to your wrists and feet will have the greatest affect. Once I had applied relevant oils to my client’s wrists I could guarantee after 20 minutes they felt better, calmer and at times with less pain.

Knowing what oils to use and where to use them was the next challenge, as we are all individuals with unique needs and requirements. However, with extensive research and with continual use of my selected blends I began to find a pattern of a success rate with my clients. On the basis of my information, I created 10 for 10 Essential Oils Body System – a complete body balancing blend available for use at home in a convenient roll-on application.

The World of Essential oils
Simple roll-on application

When applied 10 for 10 will work on all the body systems at the same time. Each oil corresponding directly with an individual area. Putting them all together in one application was my eureka moment, giving the user a completely balanced body.

If your body is not functioning at its fullest potential then it will not be working to its optimal health, it’s extremely important to keep this amazing machine of a body in as much harmony as possible! 

I also found that when you do not like the essential oil smell your vibration is lower, so you need to boost it. The oil will support that body system that’s out of balance and hence once in balance you will like the smell again! It’s profound really.

I combined all 10 essential oils to create this perfect harmony to support your 10 body systems, my customers are telling me each time they put it on it’s like a new experience as it smells different every time!

The World of Essential oils
10 for 10 Essential Oils

The ingredients and systems it targets are as follows:

Frankincense – Central Nervous system

Rosemary – Endocrine system

Eucalyptus – Respiratory system 

Lavender – Cardiovascular system

Peppermint – Digestive system

Lemon – Urinary system 

Fennel – Reproductive system

Geranium – lymphatic/ immune system 

Marjoram – skeletal system 

Basil – Muscular system 

The oils are blended with Grape seed oil 

Essential oils are really popular now and people are becoming more aware of the benefits and alternative health to support their needs, the best way to use oils is through direct application (blended with a carrier oil) or in a diffuser 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Essential oils! 

Jayne Bennett

Aromatherapist, Alternative Health Practitioner  

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