The Top Four Best Drinks and Cocktails to Warm Up Your Guests

The Top Four Best Drinks and Cocktails to Warm Up Your Guests

The Top Four Best Drinks and Cocktails to Warm Up Your Guests – When you’re gearing up for the holidays – whether running a small pub or restaurant or having a lot of guests and family coming for a meal and drinks – you would want to make sure that you can serve them the best food and drinks! And the food that you serve will certainly come a long way, but the drinks will break the ice. Of course, when you are thinking of what to serve your guests for drinks and beverages, there will always be the classics, such as mulled wine and eggnog – but there are some novel drinks that can awe your guests, too. Here, then, are the top four best drinks and cocktails to warm up your guests on the coldest of winters.

The classic favourite: Eggnog

This beverage is the most popular beverage of all come Christmastime, perhaps next only to mulled wine. Let’s admit – it’s not suitable for everyone’s palate, but if you can make your own for the holidays, then impress your guests!

To make your very own eggnog, you will need milk, eggs, cream, vanilla, nutmeg, and a liquor such as rhum, bourbon, whiskey, brandy – or if you want, a combination of all those liquors (be careful that your guests don’t drink and drive!).

Mulled wine

Of course, if we’re talking about the classic holiday favourites, your drink list wouldn’t be complete without mulled wine. It is an old favourite for every Yuletide season because it is warm, fragrant, and cosy. But what makes it so special, and how can you create your own? Every mulled wine is different, and you can literally create your combination – but the traditional mulled wine will always consist of red wine and spices (make sure there is cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and star anise). Most people add some fruity and sweet ingredients to the mix, such as orange peels, maple syrup, brown sugar, and raisins, and you can even create a non-alcoholic version (perfect for the kids) with grape juice and other fruit juices. Incidentally, if you don’t want to run out of fruit juices during the holidays, you can always turn to a reliable fruit juice concentrate supplier like EE & Brian Smith to provide you with everything you need – and then some!

Hot Toddy

If you want something that almost everyone loves (and is familiar with!), you can’t go wrong with a hot toddy. It’s popular not just for its warm and cosy feeling; if you’re a bit under the weather, it’s the perfect beverage to perk you right up! The liquor in a hot toddy is normally brandy, scotch, or whiskey, but the main ingredients for a classic hot toddy include honey, cinnamon, and lemon juice. With this rich and robust combination, anyone who drinks it will soothe their throat and, more importantly, put them in a jolly mood!

Hot Rhum

This is another perfect drink for the holidays because it’s warm and strong and features holiday favourites such as rhum, cider or hot water, sweetener, spices, and, best of all, melted butter. This heady mix of ingredients makes the drink super creamy and sweet, and don’t forget to include spices such as nutmeg, ginger, cloves, brown sugar, cinnamon, and other ingredients you think would make the beverage extra special!

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