Kombucha: A Drop or two of the Healthier Stuff

Kombucha: A Drop or two of the Healthier Stuff

Kombucha: A Drop or two of the Healthier Stuff – It’s a drink that’s rapidly growing in popularity, but what exactly is kombucha?

Basically, it’s a fermented tea, thought to have originated in China, and there’s lots more info about it on wikipedia. But while one can produce it at home, there are so many excellent commercially prepared kombuchas on the market now, that it hardly seems worth the effort.  Kombucha is slightly sour, a little bit tart and can be a little bit sweet. It really depends on two things: who’s brewing it, and the flavours they’re adding, which can typically be floral, herbal, or fruity notes.  I’ve tasted some excellent kombuchas recently and here are some of my favourites:

Kombucha: A Drop or two of the Healthier Stuff

MOMO Kombucha (www.momo-kombucha.com), creates Great Taste Award winning kombucha in glass bottles.  MOMO started with an adventure: Josh and Lisa discovered kombucha back in 2016 while on a trip to the Big Apple.  Drinking it made them feel amazing, so on return to London, they started home brewing kombucha in their kitchen in the old-fashioned way (in a glass jar) and completely fell in love with the process.  It’s organic and unfiltered, for a fuller depth of flavour and it’s highly sustainable. Available in four regular flavours: Ginger-Lemon, the most popular; Turmeric; Elderflower, and Raspberry-Hibiscus, the perfect alcohol alternative. There are also regular limited edition specials such as Tomlinson’s Forced Rhubarb. Available at around £4 for a 330ml bottle from Ocado, Amazon and via www.momo-kombucha.com

Another delicious favourite – and also Great Taste Award winning brand – is Hip Hop, founded back in 2019 by Emma and Kenny, Kenny had been struggling with stomach issues and after a stint living in America, where Emma learnt about the popularity of kombucha, she showed Kenny how to make it.  Within weeks, his problems were alleviated – leading to the creation of this great microbrewery.  As well as kombuchas, there is a range of award-winning Living Sodas   .  The drinks are packed with gut-friendly probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants.  There’s nothing artificial, no sweeteners and the range of flavours includes wonderful combinations such as Apple Elderflower; Blueberry Ginger; Ginger Yuzu; Blood Orange & Grapefruit; Cherry & Blackberry and Strawberry & Pineapple.  Limited edition seasonal lines are also added regularly. They’re very good indeed and available at Sainsbury’s (£5.25 for four cans), Marks & Spencer and of course online at drinkhiphop.com where I’d suggest you find out more information and order a mixed case of 24 cans (£29.99) so that you can find your favourite.

Fix8 is very well named – as it’s so easy to get fixated on this refreshing drink! Fix8 Kombucha Sodas are made from 100% natural ingredients. Loaded with vitamin C and live cultures, it’s scientifically designed to reach your gut and is available in three flavours: Strawberry Basil; Ginger Turmeric and my favourite – Sicilian Citrus.  Luckily, it’s widely available too: Waitrose; Ocado; Wholefoods and Planet Organic plus independents and cafes.  £5.50 for a pack of four cans

One of the earliest brands to hit the functional drinks scene in the UK is Remedy kombucha.  It originated in Australia back in 2012 and has good distribution here including Ocado, Morrisons, Holland & Barrett, Starbucks, M&S, WHSmith, Amazon – and now Sainsbury’s.  The latest flavour is Orange Squeeze which joins the other eight flavours (Wild Berry; Berry Blast; Tropical Twist; Ginger Lemon; Raspberry Lemonade; Mango Passion; Cherry Plum and Peach).   Remedy kombucha contains live cultures and organic acids to support gut health and is also free from sugar and contains only natural ingredients.

Apparently a Remedy can or multi-serve bottle is sold every 2.5 seconds, From around £5.50 for a pack of four cans.

Kombucha: A Drop or two of the Healthier Stuff

Lo Bros is another great company that uses authentic fermentation to craft brew delicious, healthier all-natural drinks, with vibrant flavours that are naturally low in sugar and alive with living cultures. The company also makes a stand against “the devious drinks industry that’s causing a major health crisis and plastic emergency.” According to the website, 34 billion plastic bottles enter our oceans and waterways every year! And in the UK, we only recycle a measly 44.2 percent of plastic waste.  The company has a partnership with Seven Clean Seas and gives quarterly donations made from its sales to help clear up the plastic pollution in some of the world’s most heavily plastic polluted areas.  So, by buying Lo Bros drinks, you’re also doing your bit to help. Available online and (in glass bottles and cans) from most major supermarkets at around £5 for a pack of four x 250 ml cans.

Moving upmarket now, the REAL Drinks Co produces naturally fermented sparkling tea that’s elegantly packaged and a great alternative to a sparkling wine.  It has the depth, flavour and complexity of a good wine, but with no alcohol.  It’s available in three variants:  Peony Blush; Royal Flush and Dry Dragon.  In addition to the full-sized bottles, there are ready-to-drink cans of Dry Dragon and Royal Flush available too.  Royal Flush is available at Sainsbury’s for £9 a 75cl bottle, Dry Dragon at Ocado and Waitrose, Peony Blush isn’t as easily available, but this and the whole range are available online

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