JUBEL Beer: Elevate Your Tasting Experience with Lager Cut with Fruit

In the world of craft beer, innovation and creativity continue to reshape our taste buds. One such revelation that has taken the beer scene by storm is the delightful combination of JUBEL Beer cut with fruit. Join me on a journey as we explore this tantalising and refreshing world that transforms the ordinary into an extraordinary tasting experience.

Founded in the UK,  the idea originally came from an Après Ski bar in the Alps. Co-founder Jesse Wilson discovered two things during some après antics at La Folie Douce. The first was Jubel – an après anthem that meant “a feeling of extreme joy”. The second was demi-pêche – a pint of lager with a peach top. This dangerously refreshing beer secret swiftly became the beer style he desired that no one brewed. Sinking his savings into a trial brew that flew at a festival, this new style of beer became a refreshing reality.

Not only a great taste, sustainability goals are a priority too. As a certified carbon neutral B-Corporation the company is verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability and have committed to running a people and planet positive business. They have taken great steps to reduce their carbon footprint, minimise waste and promote social responsibility.

Lager cut with fruit:

What happens when you combine the natural goodness of this Beer with the vibrant, juicy flavours of fresh fruit? Magic! The art of lager cut with fruit takes your beer-drinking experience to new heights. Whether it’s the zesty kick of grapefruit, the sweetness of elderflower, or the delicate notes of peach, fruit infusion adds a dynamic layer to the already exceptional flavour.

JUBEL’s unique brewing process, took two years to fine tune, resulting in a light lager, with a refreshing fruit character and a dry finish, one which Women talking has tried, tested, and enjoyed.

Pairing Possibilities:

We love the endless pairing possibilities. Imagine sipping on a peach infused JUBEL while indulging in an outdoor barbecue for a fruity punch or relishing the tropical citrus vibes of Grapefruit JUBEL on a sunny day at the beach. The versatility allows you to tailor your beer to the occasion and your personal taste preferences.

More than just a beverage JUBEL Beer is a celebration of flavours and a journey into the extraordinary. The result is a symphony of tastes that elevates your beer-drinking experience. So, let your taste buds dance with delight and raise a glass to the harmonious fusion of JUBEL Beer and the vibrant essence of fresh fruit. Cheers to innovation, creativity, and the joy of sipping on something truly extraordinary!

To find your nearest stockist visit the Beer Finder on their website.

Poppy Watt

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