Taoh Hydrate Hair Mask

Taoh Hydrate Hair Mask

Taoh Hydrate Hair Mask – Our hair withstands a lot. We subject it to a variety of weather conditions and chemical processes; we blast it with heat and tie it in knots! Despite all of that we often fail to give our hair the same love and attention that we lavish upon our body and skin.

Thankfully, we can give our hair the tender loving care it deserves with the use of a regular hair mask.

Like how a face mask works, which we may be familiar with, a hair mask is a highly targeted and deeply nourishing treatment designed specifically for repairing and restoring hair health. A step up from conditioner, most hair masks are powered by a stronger concentration giving your hair a longer-lasting shine and condition.

They’re specifically formulated for hair types and infuse the shafts of each hair with moisture and nutrition to leave your hair soft, glossy, and strong. Using the correct type for your hair can have a truly dramatic effect.

Women Talking tries the Taoh Hydrate Hair Mask which is not only perfect for those looking to repair and nourish their hair after the effects of the sun in the summer months but also as we transition into autumn/winter where the harsh cold weather can have damaging and drying effects on our hair.

Unlike many hair masks that may have a waiting time for the mask to process, Taoh has produced a mask that not only works wonders on your locks but saves time too by being able to be rinsed off straight away without any waiting time!

Being full of nutrients and the most premium natural oils, hair is left feeling silky and luxurious.

Benefits of a hair mask

 Repair damaged hair – as hair masks penetrate deep into the cuticle, reaching the fibres of your hair to repair any breakage and strengthen strands at the source of the problem.

Intensely moisturises – extremely rich in naturally hydrating oils, hair masks reach deep into the fibres of the hair to restore moisture levels and keep hair looking fuller. This helps to make hair less prone to damage and banishes frizz caused by dryness.

Maintains colour – one of the most damaging treatments to our hair, colouring chemicals can leave the hair limp and broken, hair masks not only help to repair this damage but can also be specifically formulated to keep colour looking bright and free from brassy hues.

Adds shine – healthy hair means shinier hair. A hair mask restores your hair to its healthiest state, leaving it looking shinier, fuller, and bouncier.

How to Apply the Hydrate Mask, comb through and rinse to see instant results and your hair come back to life due to the mask being full of nutrients from EIGHT natural plants oils: camellia seed oil, beauty leaf tamanu oil, coconut oil, babassu oil, argan oil, macadamia oil, kukui oil and camellina oil and cSilk liquid (one of the best proteins for hair).

Camellia Seed Oil

Also known as Tea Seed oil, the plant from where tea is made. This is a brilliant moisturiser, antioxidant, and therefore anti-ageing. As well as conditioning the hair it has natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tamanu Oil

Also known as Beauty Leaf Oil is pressed from nuts of either the Calophyllum inophyllum (usually) or the Calophyllum tacamahaca (ati) tree. The oil originates in Polynesia, it adds volume to the hair and nourishes dry and damaged hair.

Coconut Oil

This is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts. It has deep conditioning properties and helps calm frizz.

Babassu Oil

A clear light yellow vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the babassu palm which grows in the Amazon region of South America. It is non-scented and quickly soaks into the hair follicles, leaving hair soft, smooth, and glossy.

Argan Oil

A plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree in Morocco. A great moisturising oil. Enriched with Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant and therefore anti-ageing. Great for dry hair.

Macadamia Oil

This is an oil expressed from the nut meat of the native Australian nut. It is nutritive, reconstructive, and hydrating. Antioxidant and has fatty acids too that add shine, strengthen, and nourish hair follicles. Helps with brittle hair. Calms frizz and non-greasy.

Kukui Oil

Creates a shimmery gloss that keeps the frizz out.

Camellina Oil

This oil is from a flowering plant native to Europe and to Central Asian areas. Contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E to keep hair healthy and soft.

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