If you are seeing the white stuff falling, there is no need to panic, STIGA hits snow where it needs it with its battery snow blower!

STIGA – Banishing snow and putting it in its place!

STIGA – Banishing snow and putting it in its place! – Winter brings with it a magical transformation, turning landscapes into enchanting wonderlands covered in a pristine blanket of snow. While the snowy scenery might be picturesque, it also presents some practical challenges, particularly when it comes to maintaining a safe and functional home environment.

STIGA – Banishing snow and putting it in its place!

If you are seeing the white stuff falling, there is no need to panic, STIGA  hits snow where it needs it with its battery snow blower!

Whether you have a light dusting or a heavy build-up, freshly fallen or frozen hard…the STIGA team has a nifty tool to help!  The STIGA snow blower clears the way in no time and features adjustable chutes and controls that won’t freeze your hands.

ST 300e – Battery snow blower – This superb machine tackles fresh snow up to 15cm deep and will clear your driveway, patio and steps with ease – even in temperatures as low as -20°. Compact and lightweight, this cordless snow shovel is designed with comfort in mind.

Shovelling snow shouldn’t be a painful task. The advantages of the snow blower are the comfort and convenience to use. Simply load the battery into the splash-proof battery slot, place one hand on the soft-grip loop handle, press the ON/OFF switch – and start walking. The telescopic shaft allows you to adjust the height of the shovel to suit your preferences, while the adjustable auger (blades) means you can change the direction of snow – so you can work really close to doorways or borders without accidentally sending snow onto your porch or neighbour’s garden!

Powered by our STIGA ePower 48V battery,  maximum results are achieved with minimum noise, vibrations and maintenance – even in low temperatures. When the seasons change, use the same battery to power your STIGA 5 and 7 Series gardening tools. Then store your cordless snow shovel with ease thanks to its compact and lightweight design!

Women Talking explores the numerous advantages of clearing away snow from your property and how it contributes to safety, accessibility, and overall well-being.

Safety First: Snow and ice can turn walkways and driveways into potential hazard zones. The foremost benefit of clearing away snow is the enhanced safety it provides. By eliminating slippery surfaces, you reduce the risk of slips and falls for both residents and visitors.

Accessibility Matters: Imagine waking up to a thick layer of snow blocking your driveway. Clearing away snow ensures that you can easily access and use essential areas of your property. Maintaining accessibility is crucial for daily routines, such as commuting to work or school.

Emergency Preparedness: Unforeseen emergencies can happen at any time. Clear paths and driveways allow emergency vehicles easy access to your home if the need arises. It’s a responsible step towards ensuring the safety of yourself and your community.

Preventing Ice Formation: Regular snow removal also helps prevent the formation of ice, a common occurrence in freezing temperatures. By staying ahead of the freeze-thaw cycle, you can mitigate the risk of slippery surfaces and reduce the chances of accidents.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your property is safe, accessible, and well-maintained during snowy weather provides invaluable peace of mind. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of winter without compromising on safety and functionality.

Clearing away snow is not just a winter chore; it’s a proactive step towards creating a secure and welcoming home environment. Embrace the winter wonderland, but do so responsibly, ensuring that your home remains a haven of warmth and safety throughout the season.

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