'Logs 11'... ways to put your old Christmas tree to good use

‘Logs 11’… ways to put your old Christmas tree to good use

‘Logs 11’… ways to put your old Christmas tree to good use – Ok, ok…we know that we have not even had Christmas yet, but there is no harm in being organised!  The devil is in the detail when enjoying festivities and that means planning what to do with your old tree too!  Let the Mountfield team help..

There are loads more useful things you can do with your festive tree than just taking it to the recycling centre.  An estimated eight million people in the UK bought a real tree. Sadly, many of the trees will end up in landfill because a lot of owners put them straight into their bins – bad for the environment and a real waste in every sense when they could be put to great use.

Bear in mind that if you’re going to saw the trunk, if your tree is sappy, it’s best to wait until it’s dried out to avoid damaging your saw and making a mess of you!

Here are 11 great ways to make use of your old Christmas tree, otherwise known as our ‘Logs 11’

– If you have a log burner or fireplace, use the trunks and branches for firewood or fire starters.

– Create mulch for your garden – pine needles make excellent mulch.

– Birds will love your old trees. With their pot or stand as a secure base, they provide shelter and sanctuary for garden birds. Or you can use the tree to tie bird feeders.

– Cut off the boughs and use them to insulate perennial beds, providing a warm covering during cold spells.

– Cut the trunk into round discs about 5cm thick (2 inches) and use them as decorative edges for paths or borders.

– Cut the trunk to a good height for flowerpot risers.

– Slice the trunk thinly to make coasters. Sand and treat them, to prevent the risk of sap damaging your furniture. These are real eye-catchers and a talking point when you have guests.

– Tealight holders are another creative way to use the wood.

– If you’re feeling particularly creative and confident, you can even make a log bird feeder.

10 – Logs, sliced up and imaginatively arranged, can make for a stunning piece of rustic wall art.

11 – And finally, we love this one … how about cutting lengths of logs or reasonably sturdy branches, with the top bit sliced at a downward angle, and painting a gnome’s face onto the wood. Instant woody gnomes for your garden!

Get creative after Christmas with your old tree and make the festive glow last a little longer!

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