STIGA - Robot mowers hurting hedgehogs? Not on our watch!

STIGA – Robot mowers hurting hedgehogs? Not on our watch!

STIGA – Robot mowers hurting hedgehogs? Not on our watch – The STIGA team know that sustainable lawn care, which is also kind to wildlife can work hand in hand with technology.  New, cutting-edge predictive tech from STIGA’s green-fingered engineers knows where and when to cut, making STIGA’s Autonomous Robot Mowers the first to nurture beautiful, naturally healthy lawns all by themselves.

Caring for nature

Each garden is a small ecosystem that needs us to flourish, as well as we need it to live well. But taking care of greenery requires the right equipment, STIGA, is an indispensable ally.  By designing high-efficiency robots that can manage cutting sessions during daylight hours, STIGA has ensured that nocturnal animals such as hedgehogs can safely occupy the garden overnight.

Fabio Banin – Agronomist & Robot Expert at STIGA states

 “All STIGA, breakthrough products are developed with the highest industry standards, innovating and tailoring effective, quality solutions for the gardening industry.  We think of ourselves as “green-fingered engineers” and as such, we ensure our products are developed to protect the entire garden ecosystem, whether they be humans, pets or wild animals. Specifically, our new Autonomous Robot Mower goes beyond new technologies such as barrier recognition systems, lawn mapping, and lawn memory that have emerged in the global robot mower market.”

Fabio continues
 “Our newest product innovation features more than 30 patented product design elements and technologies which enable an unmatched level of functionality. For example, the STIGA Autonomous Robot is the very first mower of its kind to combine RTK GPS (real-time kinematics) and patented predictive Active Guidance System (AGS) to plan the most effective mowing route each day, faultlessly. This includes sensor safety mechanisms specifically designed to ensure the machine stops as soon as it detects an obstacle not previously mapped out in the perimeter. We even thought of protecting nocturnal life in gardens by designing our robots to manage cutting sessions in daylight hours, so fauna such as hedgehogs can roam about gardens overnight undisturbed.”

For peace of mind, to mitigate the risk to hedgehogs and other wildlife when maintaining your garden, it’s advisable to take certain precautions:

  1. Scheduled Operation: Set specific times for the robot lawnmower to operate when wildlife activity is minimal, such as during the day when hedgehogs are typically resting.
  2. Supervision: Keep an eye on the robot lawnmower while it is in operation to ensure that it doesn’t pose a threat to any animals in the vicinity.
  3. Check the Area: Before starting the lawnmower, check the area for any signs of wildlife, nests, or hiding spots. If hedgehogs or other small animals are present, it may be best to avoid mowing in that area.
  4. Physical Barriers: Create physical barriers or install fencing to prevent hedgehogs from entering the area where the lawnmower operates.
  5. Choose Wildlife-Friendly Models: Some robot lawnmowers, like STIGA come with features designed to minimise harm to wildlife, such as sensors that detect obstacles and automatically stop the machine.

By taking these precautions, you can reduce the risk of harm to hedgehogs and other small animals while using a robot lawnmower. Always prioritise the safety of wildlife and be aware of their presence in your outdoor space.

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