Sleeping in the Heat

Sleeping in the Heat

Sleeping in the Heat – Sleep is fundamental to our health and wellness, no doubt about it. But a lack of sleep runs much, much deeper than just feeling tired the next day. It can impact every aspect of health and wellbeing.

Natural health expert and researcher, Dr Tim Bond from Puressentiel says: “In summer, many people are likely to find themselves struggling to get a decent night’s sleep because of the heat. The ideal temperature for sleep is about 65°F (18.3°C), give or take a few degrees, so if your bedroom and your bed specifically are higher than this temperature it may interfere with your sleep.”

But what can we do to maximize our chances of getting a good night’s sleep?

Dr Tim Bond shares some Top Tips on Sleeping in The Heat:

There are some obvious solutions to keep the mercury low, but here are some you may not have thought of:

#1 Heat rises: Hot air is less dense and, therefore, lighter than cooler air – so it rises. Sleeping downstairs or on a mattress on the floor is likely to be cooler and potentially more comfortable.

#2 Sleep on your side: If you usually sleep on your back or front, you should try sleeping on your side when it’s too hot to sleep.

Sleeping in this position exposes a larger portion of your body to the air, letting the heat from your body escape and regulating your body temperature to a much more comfortable level.

#3 Harness the Power of Plants: Tossing, turning, and fretting about not sleeping are all counter-productive actions when wanting to sleep. Puressentiel’s Rest & Relax range of sleep solutions brings together the calming properties of 12 essential oils. This includes lavender, which is known for its sedative effects, causing drowsiness and calmness in people who are stressed/agitated; marjoram best known for its culinary uses contains several compounds that aid sleep; and sandalwood, which has recognised sedative effects that induce calming, antidepressant, and de-stressing effects.

Spritz the Puressentiel Rest & Relax Air Spray in the four corners of your bedroom before bed – it’s 100% natural and clinically proven to improve sleep scores across five different measures, with no lingering grogginess in the morning.

#4 Cosy up to a flannel: Wet a flannel and place it in the fridge for an hour or so before getting into bed. Laying it on your forehead can help you drift off into a peaceful slumber. Or dig your hot water bottle out and fill it with ice cold water. An ice-cold hug will feel so good.

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