Glow Travel Sleep Easy

Glow Travel Sleep Easy

The perfect travel companion to support sleep on the go

Glow Travel Sleep EasyThe perfect travel companion to support sleep on the go.

Most parents will know the stress of having a baby or child that won’t sleep – and trying to get a baby to sleep whilst travelling can present even more of a headache. It can make what was meant to be a relaxing holiday turn into a nightmare for the whole family.  However, baby sleep experts Glow Dreaming have just launched a travel version of the original Glow Dreaming device – a product which was labelled a ‘godsend’ by weary parents.

Women Talking have been trialling this holistic sleep solution and have realised that is not just benefiting children’s sleep, but the adults too, having tried the Glow Travel Sleep Easy for a number of nights I was experiencing a restful night’s sleep, which is beneficial for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Consistently getting a good night’s sleep enhances your overall quality of life, and allows you to wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the day.

The NEW Glow Travel Sleep Easy  is a small, compact and rechargeable unit which contains a 3-in-1 sleep aid to set the conditions for a perfect night’s sleep using the following techniques:

Red LED Light. Tap the LED Light button once to turn on the red light to the dimmest setting.

Tap a second time to increase the brightness to the medium setting, and a third time to take it to the brightest setting. The brightest setting is the best to use during your wind-down time before bed and for night-time feeds and nappy changes. Exposure to red LED light in the evening or before bedtime may help regulate the body’s internal clock and improve sleep quality.

It’s your choice to pick the brightness setting that suits your environment. The Red LED Light encourages the brain to produce more natural melatonin, the hormone that makes us drowsy and prepares us for sleep.

Tap the button a fourth time to turn the light off.

Pink Noise. The second button controls the Pink Noise: tap the Volume button once to turn the pink noise onto the quietest setting. Tap the Volume button again to turn it to the medium volume and then again to the loudest volume – tap one last time to turn it off again.

Pink noise, as a type of random signal, is primarily used for its potential benefits in promoting relaxation, and sleep and masking background noises like pets, rustling sheets, or traffic, preventing these noises from causing unnecessary wakeups in the night and improving overall sleep depth and efficiency as its balanced sound spectrum can create a soothing and calming environment.

You can also adjust the sound for restaurants or if on the move on public transport or on a plane.

Pink noise also creates a super consistent soundscape, which helps the brain relax and achieve deeper slow-wave sleep more easily. Pink Noise is super safe for your family as the loudest setting doesn’t go above safe levels for developing ears.

Scent Nebuliser. Third is the Scent Nebuliser button. Push the Timing button once to turn the nebuliser on to the 2hr setting. The Glow Travel Sleep Easy has no heating element, so it’s super safe for your family. The Scent Nebuliser doesn’t use any water either, so there’s no risk of spilling when you’re out and about. On the 2hr or 4hr setting, the entire Glow Travel Sleep Easy will turn off after 2 or 4 hours, so the pink noise, light and aroma will all turn off.

Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment can be unsettling for your family, therefore using the Scent Nebuliser can bring the familiar and comforting aromas that you use at home with you everywhere. Tap the Timing Button 3 times to use the aroma for up to 12 hours.

Glow Dreaming was created because a parent had a desperate need to have the support of a device that actually worked when there were non-available. Since that moment, Glow Dreaming has worked with tens of thousands of families and learned what works to get you and your loved ones sleeping better.

Poppy Watt

Welcome to Women Talking.

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