Complete Me Sleep Programme

Complete Me Sleep Programme

Complete Me Sleep Programme – Having previously worked with Registered Nutritional Therapist Natalie Le Bouedec founder of the Complete Me brand, I was totally confident in recommending not only her range of supplements but her new Sleep Wellness Programme.

Complete Me is all about nourishing your body from the inside, so you can feel good and reveal the best you can be on the outside.

Natalie grew frustrated having to recommend expensive multiple vitamins and supplements to support her clients. She wanted a better solution. Natalie developed the Complete Me range of blended supplements to target the six most common ailments for which people were seeking advice for in her clinic.

The blends were created using targeted, high-quality ingredients, scientifically designed to provide the best treatment to those ailments in just one-two capsules. Complete Me products help reduce the confusion and give you a clear, cost-effective solution to your ‘which vitamins’ conundrum. No nasties, no nonsense.

An area that grew more demanding for Natalie’s clients was sleeping. Without good sleep we are unable to function at our best. Sleeping well allows our cells renew and our immune systems rebuild, our body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up, which is vital for our overall wellness.

What we do during the day can really affect how we sleep at night. Therefore, Natalie has designed an extensive sleep wellness programme to work alongside their best-selling Sleeping Beauty supplement. The 28-day sleep plan helps you make use of daily routines, mindfulness exercises, nutrition, stretching, and more, to help promote a good night’s sleep. Many of the methods used in the sleep programme have been scientifically tested and designed to help improve sleep.

Your package will include the following:

A month’s worth of our best-selling Sleeping Beauty supplement, which contains all the nutrients you need to aid better sleep.

A 28-day plan, designed by our founder and registered nutritionist Natalie, to help you set better habits to improve your sleep.

A relaxing pillow spray to help unwind in bed, which have been shown to help you sleep better.

Calming bath salts to use at bath time before bed.

A sleep journal to help you track and monitor your sleep and see what is and isn’t

working for you.

20 recipes designed to ensure you have a healthy, balanced diet and all the right nutrients to improve your sleep.

Multiple fact sheets to help improve your sleep hygiene.

4 video stretch routines to help you unwind throughout the day.

4 meditation audio clips to soothe your mind before bed.

A pack of chamomile tea to include in your daily bedtime routine.

Complete Me are confident that their 28-day sleep programme will work for you. That’s why they offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who hasn’t seen positive results by day 15. At all times you will also be able to liaise with their nutrition team for any queries or concerns.

Poppy Watt

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