Say goodbye to dry skin with Dr. Jart+

Say goodbye to dry skin with Dr. Jart+

Say goodbye to dry skin with Dr. Jart+Innovative skincare from Korea

Winter is bad news for the skin. If the chilly temperatures themselves weren’t detrimental enough outside, assaulting the skin barrier and zapping skin of moisture, head inside and you will find the central heating is just as drying.

Your skin can’t win, ending up dry, tight, and flaky. But to replenish what the winter takes out; it isn’t a case of simply plying skin with moisture (although that certainly helps). You need to reinforce the all-important skin barrier too.

Although a very fragile structure, the skin barrier is probably one of our most important organs. Your skin is made up of layers, each of which performs important functions in protecting your body.

The outermost layer, called the stratum corneum, consists of tough skin cells called corneocytes that are bound together by mortar-like lipids. This is your skin barrier.

Inside the skin cells, you will find keratin and natural moisturisers. The lipid layer contains:

  • cholesterol
  • fatty acids
  • ceramides

Without the skin barrier, various harmful environmental toxins and pathogens could penetrate your skin and cause adverse effects inside your body.

Additionally, without your skin barrier, the water inside your body would escape and evaporate, leaving you completely dehydrated.

Your skin barrier is essential for your overall health and needs to be protected to help your body function properly. And that’s where CeramidinTM Ectoin®-Infused Cream comes in offering the ultimate solution for dry, dry skin.

In the natural world, Ectoin is a compound that helps to guard plants and microorganisms found in extreme habitats and hostile environments, such as salt lakes, the deep sea, and arctic ice. The microbiological benefits are impressive, and for the skin, just as remarkable, making a reputation in the beauty industry as a potent protector.

Ectoin® binds to water in the skin to form an invisible, weightless shield – almost like a second skin, protecting the skin barrier, deeply moisturising relieving dry, tight, flaky skin, and preventing precious moisture from leaking out.

Happy skin starts with a strong skin barrier, so Women Talking was keen to try the following products in the Ceramidin™ range as the colder months seem far from ending.

Say goodbye to dry skin with Dr. Jart+

Ceramidin™ Ectoin®-Infused Cream This is an ultra-rich, velvety cream powered by Ectoin® as well as five potent ceramides. Highly concentrated and fast absorbing, it melts into skin, boosting moisture levels instantly, protecting the skin barrier, and leaving the skin much, much happier.

The Hero ingredients

CeramidinTM Ectoin®-Infused Cream is powered by a potent blend of effective ingredients.


This protects the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss. Potent and powerful, it helps to prevent water loss, even in harsh climates.


Like the mortar that seals the gaps between skin cells, ceramides strengthen the skin barrier and deeply moisturise. And there are five kinds of them inside this formula.

Argan Oil, Shea Butter + Spent Grain Wax

These nourish the skin instantly soften and smooth winter-beaten

skin, helping to relieve the feeling of tightness and flakiness.

Who Should Use It? Anyone that suffers from dry, tight, or flaky skin, or simply wants to ward off the negative effects of the winter weather.

How to use: After cleansing and toning, scoop out an appropriate amount, warm between the hands, then apply an even layer to your face, avoiding the eye area. Use morning and night.

Next up was the moisture retention shield – Dr.Jart+ CeramidinTM CreamThis smooth, nourishing cream locks in moisture to provide immediate deep moisturisation and comfort for dry, dull skin while strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier to defend against moisture loss. Skin feels supple, smooth, and super moisturised immediately.

With a buttery texture like no other, pat gently into the skin using the warmth of the hands for maximum absorption. Better still, it makes for an amazing base for makeup.

For more information and to view the whole collection visit here.

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