Nature's Divine

Nature’s Divine

Revolutionising Baby Skincare with Natural Formulations

Nature’s Divine: Revolutionising Baby Skincare with Natural Formulations.

In a world increasingly dominated by synthetic ingredients and complicated skincare routines, the allure of returning to nature’s embrace grows stronger. Nature’s Divine, a revolutionary skincare brand that launched in April 2023, embodies this sentiment with its commitment to harnessing the power of natural ingredients for radiant, healthy skin, providing natural, cruelty-free skincare solutions for babies and their families.

Nature's Divine

Traditional baby skincare products often contain ingredients such as parabens, alcohols, and perfumes, which can be harsh and unsuitable for delicate baby skin. Recognising this gap in the market, Nature’s Divine was founded to provide safe, gentle, and effective skincare solutions for the whole family.

“Our carefully crafted formulations set us apart from other baby brands,” says Kam Sagoo, Founder and Director of Nature’s Divine. “We are committed to using only the finest natural and organic ingredients, ensuring that our products are gentle yet effective for even the most sensitive skin.

The baby skincare industry is experiencing a transformation, and we are at the forefront of this revolution. With a growing concern over the use of harsh chemicals in traditional baby products, Nature’s Divine has emerged as a beacon of hope for parents seeking natural alternatives”.

Nature's Divine

Women Talking talks to Kam about the inspiration behind Nature’s Divine?

“It was my son’s eczema which inspired me to create skincare products to help him and others who may be suffering. At the same time, I was also suffering from severe post-natal depression. I wanted Nature’s Divine to be a brand which not only supported families with Mental Health but also provide relief against skin irritations”.

What are the USP’s of Nature’s Divine?

“Natures Divine is 100% Natural, whilst ensuring there’s no nasties in our ingredients. Our entire range uses certified organic ingredients and have achieved certifications with Vegan and Cruelty Free. Nature’s Divine works hard to make sure we operate in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner”.

As a mother, and business entrepreneur what have been your greatest challenges? 

“My two elder children are home-schooled, and my third one is now 3. I make sure I am 100% always there for my children. They have an input in the business and are always giving me ideas. My greatest challenge has been my mental health battle and my social anxiety, I still have up and down days. Over the past 2 and half years I have been with my psychologist who has helped me so much”.

Are your products produced in the UK?

“All our products are handcrafted in the U.K in small batches to make sure all our products are at the highest quality. We use ethically sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging to minimise our environmental impact”.

Do you have a best-selling line or hero product?

“We have achieved such great love for all our products. Our baby balm and baby oil has received such great feedback with helping customers with their skincare issues. Our mum balm has recently won silver for made for mums awards as it is multi-purpose, so amazing, buttery and smells great. Our dad oil not just softens the beard but also, it’s amazing for dry skin on the face”.

What has been your greatest business achievement to date?

“My biggest achievement is always seeing happy customers and seeing the amazing results. Seeing the relief when families, who have tried everything to relieve skin irritations and struggle, start seeing results. Sharing my story of my struggle with mental health and trying to help other mums out who are also struggling. ‘All you parents are perfect’. Lastly, it’s the awards, recognition, and great support we have been getting from everyone”.

What makes Nature’s Divine truly stand out is its commitment to quality and ethics. The brand proudly holds certifications from vegan and cruelty-free organisations, guaranteeing that no animals are harmed in the production of their products. Additionally, all ingredients used are certified organic, further ensuring their purity and safety.

“Our mission is simple: to become the leading skincare brand in every home for families, globally,” says Kam. “We want families to trust Nature’s Divine for all their skincare needs, reducing the number of products used in households and promoting sustainability.”

Nature’s Divine offers a range of products designed for babies, mothers, and fathers, including:

  • Baby Balm: Formulated with hemp, calendula, sweet orange, and lavender, this balm gently nourishes and soothes baby’s skin, helping to alleviate irritation, rashes, and eczema.

Baby Oil: A blend of nourishing oils to keep baby’s skin healthy and hydrated from birth onwards.

Mum Balm: An all-in-one balm for mothers’ skin, safe for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond.

Face and Beard Oil: A multi-purpose oil for dads, providing hydration and nourishment for the face, body, and beard.

In addition to their current product line-up, Nature’s Divine is excited to announce the upcoming launch of new products, including Bath Salts and Organic Family Hair and Body Spray, all suitable for use from birth onwards and safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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