Popcorn Kitchen Popcorn Kits

Popcorn Kitchen Popcorn Kits

Bringing pure popcorn happiness

Popcorn Kitchen Popcorn Kits – Bringing pure popcorn happiness.

As a proud artisanal popcorn provider that 1st made its name producing an array of small batch, hand-popped flavour formats, including Cherry Bakewell, Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate Brownie and Choc Mint Women Talking are thrilled to see that Popcorn Kitchen has extended its popcorn into the home popping arena, allowing us the bring the ‘popping fun’ into the comfort of our own kitchens.

With easy-to-follow instructions, the chocolate popcorn bottle kits come in 3 gloriously pleasure-seeking formats: Rocky Road, Chocolate Eggs & Rainbow Beans.

Each bottle is packed with best-in-class mushroom popcorn kernels, a generous quota of Belgian choc and the all-important guest ingredient (chocolate eggs, marshmallows, or multi-coloured chocolate beans)

According to Popcorn co-founder, Andy Valentine, ‘As proud as we are of our extensive gourmet popcorn packs, we wanted to extend our reach into warm, home-popped chocolatey popcorn.  Having listened to our loyalists, Popcorn Kitchen is now keen to have its say when it comes to fab family film nights into impromptu family gatherings around the kitchen table.’

Popcorn Kitchen is a small batch, artisanal operation and has been making best-in-class popcorn since 2012, when they first made their name on the Surrey food festival circuit, selling ‘freshly popped’ popcorn from a mobile popcorn kettle.

Their entire range is made using wholegrain, gourmet ‘mushroom’ corn which made its name by effortlessly popping into light, fluffy spheres with an unbeatable crunch to provide the perfect, well-rounded setting for all manner of indulgent flavours to shine.  By opting out of ‘everyday’ butterfly corn, Popcorn Kitchen significantly reduces the amount of small popcorn shrapnel one might expect to find lurking at the bottom of your bag or bottle.

Popcorn Kitchen remains on a relentless mission to bring authentic, PURE POPCORN HAPPINESS to the masses, courtesy of a far-reaching assortment of deliciously decadent, artisanal popcorn snacks, gift packs and everyday treats! We love their latest gift experience of the popcorn kit, which is a fun activity that the whole family can get involved with.

Having tried all the kits our hardest decision was which one we enjoyed the most!

Popcorn Kitchen Bottled Up Popcorn Kits Come in 360g-440g format (depending on the flavour you choose and provide 12-14 generous portions.

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