Deck Yourself out with Popcorn Kitchen

Deck Yourself Out with Popcorn Kitchen

Deck Yourself Out with Popcorn Kitchen – Whatever the season, Popcorn Kitchen seems to have it covered.

Deck Yourself out with Popcorn Kitchen

The festive season has come early in my household with the launch of Popcorn Kitchen’s most ambitious NEW range launch yet; namely the creation of a giant 750g Salted Caramel chocolate bar and 3 x deliriously decadent 100g offerings including a: White Chocolate and Raspberry, Chocolate Orange, and a truly immersive Salted Caramel.

Popcorn Kitchen is a bustling, small-batch popcorn provider that has enjoyed meteoric growth over the last 12-18 months largely on account of its single-minded mission to showcase popcorn’s more avant-garde aspirations, initially with its pioneering ‘home-poppin’ kits and NOW with its 4-strong confectionery collection.

Popcorn Kitchens-themed chocolate bar unions are a sweet treat sensation, making them the ideal gift of a centrepiece to share with like-minded chocolate enthusiasts.

Deck Yourself out with Popcorn Kitchen

In addition to the chocolate bars, Popcorn Kitchen expands its seasonal offer with 3 x themed home poppin kits with a sumptuous seasonal twist and the ultimate Advent Calendar offering.

The 3 filled-to-brimming bottles include a Halloween Special (complete with spooky electric orange chocolate buttons), the dreaded Christmas Sprouts (but of a sweet milk chocolate persuasion) and timeless White Chocolate Jazzies (a nostalgic pocket money treat from yesteryear).

According to Popcorn Kitchen owner, Louise Webb, ‘The unprecedented success of our home poppin kits highlighted the alluring appeal of Belgian chocolate and best-in-class popcorn working side-by-side as luxurious bedfellows.’

Each kit is crammed full of best-in-class mushroom popcorn kernels, the height of sweet popcorn sophistication, a generous smattering of Belgian chocolate chips, the all-important seasonal topping and foolproof preparation instructions.

According to ‘Popcorn Preneur,’ Louise Monk, ‘We’re massive fans of fostering impromptu family cooking and freshly popped sweet treats and these easy-to-use kits provide the perfect home-cooking setting that culminates with an impromptu family film night.’

Deck Yourself out with Popcorn Kitchen

12 Days of Christmas Gift House

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Popcorn Kitchen is to launch its 12 days of Christmas Gift House.  Why settle for an advent calendar of sweet treat titbits when you can have 12 whole packs of moreish popcorn heaven?  Each Gift House is jam-packed with 8 deliciously distinct, Popcorn Kitchen flavours including Salted Caramel, White Choc Raspberry, Chocolate Orange, Cherry Bakewell, Chocolate Brownies, Cheddar Cheese, Lemon Drizzle and Mint Chocolate.

‘Everyone loves an advent calendar,’ concludes Louise ‘However the moment of happiness literally lasts a nanosecond. Thanks to our all-singing Christmas Gift House, the ultimate sweet treat moment lasts significantly longer.”

For more information visit Popcorn Kitchen here.

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