Philip Kingsley Swimcap Hair Mask

Philip Kingsley Swimcap Hair Mask

Every time I use the hair mask, my hair feels silky soft and smooth afterwards

Philip Kingsley Swimcap Hair Mask – Growing up, I loved swimming. I would make my brothers play mermaids with me in the pool and swim around in my colourful imagination. I found being underwater very peaceful.

I have been suffering from mental health issues for over 5 years and along my long road of recovery, I always wanted to find something that grounded me and made my problems disappear. Through my extensive research online I read and watched countless people suggesting different forms of exercise that changed their lives and “cured” their anxiety. I tried many but nothing stuck with me.

At the height of my anxiety, dizziness, depression, depersonalisation, and derealisation I started going swimming with my brother. When in the water and swimming my mind was less busy and I instantly felt more grounded and connected to the world. I felt at peace and free.

I am now a regular swimmer, going once or twice a week, my confidence has grown, my body and mind feel stronger, my anxiety and dizziness are less, and I am no longer depressed, my depersonalisation/ derealisation symptoms have decreased, and I have gained purpose and independence.

My wellness journey has been incredibly tough, and I have still got a long way to go but the pool is my safe place. It is my happy place, and I don’t know what I’d do without it.

As part of my swimming routine in the mornings, I like to make sure that my hair is protected from the harsh chemicals in the pool. Also, I go to an outdoor pool so the sun can also have damaging effects on my hair too. I didn’t previously give a second thought to protecting my hair in the pool but brushing my hair after swimming was always a very difficult and tiresome task that I never looked forward to. It could take up to 20 minutes to brush out my hair post-swim and I would lose a lot of hair from the knots the hair strands would get into, and the condition of my hair was becoming dry and compromised.

Even though swimming made me feel great in lots of areas, I didn’t want to sacrifice my hair.

Philip Kingsley Swimcap Hair Mask

I started to experiment with the Philip Kingsley water-resistant hair mask called SwimCap. It is a swimming hair mask that I apply to my hair before getting in the pool. I noticed a huge difference after the first try. I found it interesting that swimming underwater for a long period of time didn’t cause the product in my hair to move or wash out, keeping my hair fully protected. When I get home to have a shower, I don’t have to brush out my hair at all, all I must do is rinse out the hair mask and wash my hair as normal. This means that my hair loss is minimal.

Every time I use the hair mask, my hair feels silky soft and smooth afterwards as well as shiny and my brush glides through causing no breakage or unnecessary hair damage. There was also no lingering smell of chlorine.

For someone who has a very sensitive scalp, Swimcap is a paraben and sulphate-free protective cream to treat and protect the hair. It contains Hydrolysed Elastin which adds strength, body, and elasticity to reduce breakage.

Infused with UV protection, this hair mask works to intensely nourish, hydrate, and prevent colour fading on colour-treated hair.

There is castor oil to help lock in moisture; olive oil which is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids to boost shine. Hair is left looking radiant and glossy, whilst remaining protected from discolouration. I have personally found that the red dye in my hair lasts longer and doesn’t affect the colour despite being plunged into an environment that can typically strip colour from hair.

SwimCap’s unique formula was originally developed by Philip Kingsley at the request of the first US Olympic Synchronised Swimming Team. It is designed to be water-resistant helping to protect your hair from the drying and damaging effects of chlorine, salt water and UV rays, making it both a summer favourite and saviour for swimmers. SwimCap forms a protective layer which also means that you do not have to wear a swimming cap as it provides all the protection you need.

This product is also 100% recyclable, CO2-negative, cruelty-free and has planet-friendly packaging.

I am so grateful that I have finally found my “thing” that keeps my mind and body healthy. I love that I can now incorporate the Philip Kingsley SwimCap hair mask into my swimming experience, adding another step to my self-care routine.

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