Self-Love Potions Book

Self-Love Potions Book

Self-Love Potions Book – Practising rituals and spells aren’t always the stereotypical theatrics of green liquid bubbling in a cauldron and objects levitating. In actual fact they can be as simple as setting an intention whilst sipping on a hot cup of herbal tea.

Self-Love Potions Book

I know one of my New Year’s goals this year is to work on self-love. I have never been very good at treating myself with the same love, compassion, and empathy as I am with others so when I received the Self-Love Potions book, I was excited to dive in and start my journey.

Written by Cosmic Valeria and illustrated by Marie-Noel Dumont, the book was created in Valeria’s Garden and inspired by the recipes her mother taught her. Born and raised in Serbia, plants, flowers, herbs, and berries were all cherished by Valeria and her family, when growing up as they all had a deep connection and love for them.

This book encourages and provides the reader with an opportunity for self-care with the help of plants, inspiring the reader to fall in love with plants as well as themselves.

So, what exactly is a self-love potion you may be asking? A self-love potion can be anything for example a quiet walk in the woods, a dip in the lake, or inhaling the scent of a flower as long as the intention to love and treat yourself is there. Typically, a true self-love potion starts with a decision to make some time just for yourself, to heal your body and mind, to go deeper inward and find clarity to make self-care and self-love a priority.

Self-Love Potions Book

This book is filled with kitchen spells, water rituals, home, and body rituals as well as a handy encyclopaedia of ingredients.

I’m sure even if you aren’t interested in spells or rituals, you may have found yourself doing them unknowingly. Something that I have done previously without realising is the ritual of hanging eucalyptus in my shower. Initially, I started doing it as I knew the respiratory benefits eucalyptus has especially when you have a cold and how it can help the sinuses however Valeria includes a ritual using eucalyptus hung in the shower to sharpen thoughts and remove the influence of others.

Cosmic Valeria is a modern witch, herbalist, artist, and writer. She helps women to blend self-care and magic, reconnect with the energy of the moon and celebrate the Divine Feminine that lives in all of us.

Every time I open this book, I immediately feel the love from it, and I already feel that I am showing myself kindness just by opening and looking through the recipes. From hair rinses to remove creative blocks to a lemon balm spitzer to heal a broken heart, you don’t have to consider yourself to be a witch to perform any of the spells or rituals. Simply find what resonates with you and enjoy the process.

Even though many of us think January is a time for big ideas, big changes and big actions as it’s the start of the New Year, it’s actually the best time to connect with yourself and heal. So, this book is the perfect way to start the New Year off by setting the tone for the year to come by making yourself a priority.

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