The Mystical World of Crystals

The Mystical World of Crystals

I would describe myself as a magpie when it comes to crystals!

The Mystical World of Crystals – I am no stranger to the magical and mystical world of crystals. I’ve had my own collection since I was a child and I have fond memories of my mum taking my brothers and me to crystal shops and picking the ones we were drawn to, to add to our collections. I would describe myself as a magpie when it comes to crystals!

My favourite crystal as a child was always Amethyst, my favourite colour has always been purple so perhaps that is why I felt instantly connected to that particular rock. As I have grown up, I have found many favourites that change often depending on my mood, the season, the year, my surroundings, and the environment.

At this time of year, when the autumn months wind down, the darker mornings and nights draw in far faster and more hours are spent at home, I have been gravitating towards more grounding crystals. My favourites have been Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Smoky Quartz and Mugglestone. All these stones are dark in colour and dark/ black signifies grounding and protection.

I have been wearing my Black Tourmaline necklace every day and I find my connection to it to be very strong, bringing me a great sense of safety. With the darker grounding stones, I have two options in my collection Black Obsidian being the other, however, sometimes this may be too overwhelming for me to wear, making me feel more anxious, chaotic, and susceptible to other’s energies. I only wear my Obsidian necklace when I feel strongly called to it, as when we are in sync, it’s a great crystal to wear and I feel very protected by it.

Black Tourmaline can be worn for several reasons, but the main benefit is protection. Black Tourmaline is an inky black stone that swallows negative energy and transforms anxious feelings into positive vibrations. It provides a constant cloak of protection with strong grounding forces. This hugely powerful stone is connected to the root chakra, helping you to feel safe and secure in your place in the universe. Black Tourmaline also provides protection from toxic energies such as negativity from people and blocking electromagnetic radiation (EMF) – therefore, I recommend having a piece of Black Tourmaline by your computer, phone, and TV to shield you from any potentially harmful radiation.

This stone also offers physical benefits to the body such as: helping circulation, reducing negative imprint of lung problems, boosting metabolism, cutting down on muscle aches and pains as well as supporting all organ systems and the immune system.

On days when I feel incredibly dissociated and disconnected from the world and my body, I love to use and carry around with me Hematite and Smoky Quartz. This combination is a go-to combo for me that is reliable and instantly makes me feel safe and cared for.

Firstly, the physical heaviness of Hematite really makes me feel grounded, other benefits include maintaining the balance of your energies, chakras, and life. It keeps you calm and grounded, relieving you of stress and anxiety issues. It also regulates the flow of blood, supports the kidneys and regenerates tissue, treats leg cramps and insomnia, aids in spinal alignment and fractures as well as boosts your creativity. Hematite dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others.

Smoky Quartz is another incredible stone for grounding. It’s a crystal that can dispel negative energy, detoxify the body and energy field from lower vibrations, protect the body from radiation and heal digestion issues. It can also assist in relieving the symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve communication and intuition and help manifest dreams

Finally, Mugglestone (or Tiger Iron) is a combination of Tiger Eye, Hematite and Red Jasper that expresses the metaphysical qualities of each stone making it a powerhouse stone to have around!

The Mystical World of Crystals

Mugglestone is a great stone for those who are highly sensitive and tend to take on other people’s emotions. It’s also good for those who are sensitive to noise and chemicals. Tiger Iron helps relieve stress, fractures, muscle aches and cramps as well as promotes vitality and energy. It is also beneficial for burnout or emotional exhaustion, helping you to find creative solutions to problems and resolve past traumas.

All the crystals I have mentioned above are related to the root chakra. The root chakra is linked to the earth element and deals with safety, security, and survival.

My body is telling me that this chakra is out of balance and being drawn to these crystals is a tool I can use to help re-balance this part of my system.

The next time you are attracted to a certain crystal, consider the healing properties of that stone as it might be trying to tell you something…

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